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Season 6: Episode 13 – The Doldrums (or: Do Not Molest the Manatees)

The Gomers are feeling the increased training in this, the 13th Episode of Two Gomers Race a Triathlon, but that won’t stop them from updating you and trying to be upbeat!

Anthony tries nose plugs and a swimming cap, and likes one of them.  Steven gets Jelly Legs after tying his first biking/running brick workout.  Baby wipes are good for more than wiping your baby.  Bikes are special to people, and they talk about them.  Drawing for the free tech-shirts takes place.  We thank a bunch of people for being awesome and generous.  And Steven gets a tattoo.

There it is.

Monday Survey: What’s the one bike tip you’d wish you’d known as a beginner?  Happy Running!


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  1. Fitz
    Fitz March 16, 2014

    Clipless pedals are amazing. They make the bike feel like a part of you.

    My first pair was clipless on one side and a normal pedal on the other side. I never used the normal side.

    I can’t stress enough how great they are.

    Just make sure you practice clipping in and out a few dozen times while stationary and with some thing to hold onto. Just one leg at a time though.

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