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Gomers Tips

The Gomers are famous for our original and helpful running tips. Below are the tips shared with the nation from season 1. Take a look back at what we felt was the most important advise we had to give. Eating, chafing, and the bathroom was a real focus.

Also, from Season 2, was one of the most important tips – Pay attention to your surroundings when running in a new place and avoid smart cars – Article from

Note: Gomer’s tips time stamp provided under the episode number

Episode Anthony G1 Steven G2
S:1 E:1


Don’t eat within an hour of your run, especially a Hot Pocket Don’t go to the state fair and eat a fried Snickers and Fried Nutter Butters the weekend before you start training
S:1 E:2


Don’t have ice cubes in your water during your run so you don’t choke and so it isn’t too cold for sensitive teeth; Brush your teeth before you run Set up as much accountability as you can when starting something new
S:1 E:3


Just do it Place some people you know strategically along your route to wave to
S:1 E:4


Take things one step at a time “Buy some nice shoes, dang it”
S:1 E:5


Take care of your bathroom needs prior to your run Schedule (and run) your runs and it will ultimately help you manage your busy schedule, lower stress, and clear your head
S:1 E:6


Take your thoughts captive and go to battle In October, don’t run outside at night if you are afraid of ghosts or other Halloween decorations
S:1 E:7


Make running a spiritual experience To get rid of a cramp, put you interlocked hands behind your head, ball your hand into a fist and push into the cramp, or run like a pregnant lady with your hands on the back of your hips with your pelvis forward
S:1 E:8


Don’t go more than three days without running Get the right clothes and shoes, otherwise you will get terrible chafing
S:1 E:9


Get some wick-away underwear to prevent chafing If you are sick it is better to recover and get better instead of making it worse by pushing too hard
S:1 E:10


Snap out of it! (If you’re stuck in a rut) and Sweat band to wipe away sweat Breathing in a rhythm. Four steps in, four steps out. Long deep breathes. Keep chin up looking out in front of you.
S:1 E:11


Enjoy the journey, with preparation we can do it Cut out everything that you can that is annoying when you run
S:1 E:12 Gomer rewind episode, no Gomer’s Tip of the Week.
S:1 E:13


Don’t eat an onion bagels within a couple of hours of a run. You need to stretch right away after you run. (Note: It was revealed that Anthony doesn’t like Gomer’s Tip of the Week Take a hot bath after a run
S:1 E:14


If you’re starting to feel a little stale change up your training regimen If you’re not able to run do at least something physical
S:1 E:15


Curb your enthusiasm. Slow yourself down. When you’re running in cold weather wear as much as you can around the crotchal area
S:1 E:16


Don’t go out when you’re going to die. Dress a little colder than you think you’ll need. If you wear glasses those masks (whole face mask) suck. If you’re going to wear one of those masks wear contacts
S:1 E:17 Mini episode, no Gomer’s Tip of the Week
S:1 E:18


Combined Tip: You need to plan out your days leading up before the race really well
S:1 E:19 Day before the Half Marathon, no Gomer’s Tip of the Week
S:1 E:20 After the race video podcast, no Gomer’s Tip of the Week
S:1 E:21 Post Half Marathon Episode 1, No Gomer’s Tip of the Week section
S:1 E:22


Have fun, do it with a friend, chew gum Actually do the tips that you have given. If you don’t remember everything you’ll survive. (Steven forgot to cover/lube his nipples.)

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  1. Seth A Mathers
    Seth A Mathers October 4, 2018

    Hot Pockets!

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