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Season 6: Episode 14 – Anthony’s New Bike

In a flashback/time-warp episode, the guys talk about Anthony’s first ride on his new bike.  It’s eye-opening and exciting and we can’t wait for you to hear it and give us feedback.

There he is.

That’s all you need to know!  Enjoy the show, and Happy Biking!

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  1. Matt W
    Matt W March 24, 2014

    Be sure to read and understand the triathlon rules, especially concerning the bike leg. At my first triathlon, I knew drafting was not allowed. However, near the end of a downhill a guy passed me. We reached the bottom at which point the course went right back up another hill. He merged in front of me and slowed quickly and was now right in front of me. But I had more momentum or was somehow going faster than him at this point.

    I immediately got over to get around him on the uphill. Not long after that I saw a course monitor go by on a motorbike (scooter or something). After the finish I found out that I was penalized for that move. I asked about it and learned that I should have slowed down first so that I would be 2 bike lengths behind him before making the pass. Since I did not slow and just went around, it appeared as though I had been drafting him. I explained to them that he had pulled in front of me and immediately slowed down, but it did not matter. I should have put a gap between us first.

    The situation is very similar to what happens to people driving on the interstate where another guy passes you, gets in front of you and then slows down for an exit or an uphill if they are not using cruise control or whatever.

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