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Season 6: Episode 12 – The Used/Vintage/Retro Bike

After a short, AMC-like mid-season break, the boys are back to finish their training for their triathlon!

Big news:  Steven bought a bike.  But not before revealing the picture of himself on his Stawpid Hipster Bike to Anthony and the world.  The guys go backwards when they kick.  Anthony has discovered his own swimming guru.  Steven DOESN’T watch House of Cards while on long bike rides, even though he totally could.  Flagstaff is hilly, and it’s undecided whether that’s a good or bad thing.  Many members of the Gomernation are thanked.  And the guys can’t remember the name of the place the Saved By the Bell hangs out.


Monday Survey:  What kind of bike do you ride?  Have a great week, and Happy Running/Biking/Swimming!


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