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Season 2 : Gomer Rewind 3 – Plus Post-accident and Half Marathon Reports!

Gomer2 is still mostly bed-ridden in the aftermath of the big car accident, so the guys thought this would be the perfect time for their third Gomer Rewind.  Join the guys as they take a look back at one of their favorite episodes from the first season, the one recorded one day before their first race.  Not only are they both in the same room, but it’s in front of a live studio audience!

But wait, there’s more!  Before the Rewind Steven gives a post-accident update, and the guys discuss what’s to become of the marathon, originally schedule for 4 weeks from now (gulp).  And AFTER the Rewind, Anthony is joined by a very special guest to discuss running his second Half Marathon this past weekend.  It’s a packed episode, we tell ya, PACKED!

This week’s Survey…er…there isn’t one.  So much going on, the Gomers totally forgot.  Oh well, Happy Running anyway!


  1. Patricia
    Patricia March 3, 2010

    Wow–great episode. Way to go, Erin!! We’re so proud of you. The wedding story was priceess (the wedding was WONDERFUL, BTW), the romantic run story precious. WE are all glad to hear that Steven is able to take a walk. Nothing beats the ice bath broadcast. Hys..ter..ical. Does ice work for broken ribs?

  2. Heidi Kuipers
    Heidi Kuipers March 4, 2010

    Erin! You rock! I have both of the Glee Music CDs on my race playlist too. What a blessing to run together, my hubby has bad knees and is a biker, but he got me a bike for my last birthday and hopefully we’ll get in some “romance rides” soon. Keep up the great work Gomers – we love you guys! Praying for healing for you Steven!

  3. John
    John March 4, 2010

    Good to have a new episode. I was worried that you guys were not going to have any new material.

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