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Season 2 : Episode 21 – One Gomer Gets Hit By A Smart Car

The title explains it all, right? This past week Steven got hit by a car while on a run in the fair city of Denver, and he is able to sit up long enough to record a shorter episode so the Gomernation knows the details. And, more importantly, so they know he’s alright. The good news: he totally won against the Smart Car.

The details of the marathon are up in the air again (sound familiar?), but know this: The Gomers are here to stay. There WILL be a marathon. And that marathon WILL be run by Steven and Anthony, together. Recovery needs to happen, however, and so expect a little downtime from the Gomers in the weeks ahead, including a Gomer Rewind next week instead of a regular episode. Sorry about that!

And we need some advice. So, the first Monday Survey question: What the heck should we do now? Any ideas? And the second one isn’t so serious: With Steven on his back for the next several weeks, he’s looking for good books, music, TV, and movies to fill up the time. Shoot him some recommendations!  Thanks, and Happy Running!


  1. Brandy
    Brandy February 23, 2010

    ooh! I’m the first to reply! Who needs first in your age division when you can be first on TwoGomers!

    Gomer1 – maintain your base! I would take your training in to a holding pattern right around the 13 mile mark and get nice and comfy with the distance. I worked in 4 extra weeks in to my training season for the 8 and 13 miles runs and I think that it’s totally paying off.

    Gomer2 – good movies… my personal favorite is ‘Groundhog day’. I never get tired of it. For running themes there’s ‘Saint Ralph’ and ‘Spirit of the Marathon’. For a bit of edumacation The BBC series ‘Planet Earth’ has great footage. For low-brow growing-pains comedy there’s a series here in the UK called ‘The InBetweeners’. The new ‘Battlestar Galactic’ series was awesome and my Bro in-law recently turned me on to ‘Fringe’.

    As for what to do next – wait, really. No point in trying to pick another marathon without knowing when Steven will be running again and what level he’ll return to. Once Steven is back up and about it’ll be easier to workout a practical timeline. Healing is certainly the most important thing right now.

  2. J
    J February 23, 2010

    Gomer2 I’m so sorry this happened! I actually signed up for Twitter just to follow you guys and the first tweet I see is “hit by car” and I think “great, I go to see their most current runs and the first thing I read is about a accident!” …this also lends credence to my mother’s concerns that while training for my own marathon I’ll undoubtably get hurt. Suffice to say, I won’t tell her about your injuries.

    Get better soon!

    Also, when you get better can we hear any details about the accident? I’m sure you’d rather not remember, but do you have any Gomer tips about crossing streets? I think all of Gomernation could benefit from knowing how to avoid this!

  3. Deb
    Deb February 23, 2010

    Hang in there Steven! So glad you’re going to be okay – and sorry to hear you’re in pain. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    Looking forward to the Gomers “come back” 🙂 – Deb

  4. Andy
    Andy February 23, 2010

    Wow, Gomer2, you’re so right, that could have been much worse than it was!

    1. As for the marathon, I agree with the above – definitely wait awhile before targeting another marathon. A fall marathon would give G2 a chance to heal, allow both of you to work on your fitness levels, and give GomerNation more podcasts. You want to be at the top of your game when you run your marathon (especially if this will be your only one).

    2. I second the Saint Ralph recommendation…glad I’m not the only who liked that. Another running-related show would be the Nova Marathon Challenge –
    and may be available on Netflix. I never get tired of Diehard, especially when I’m in a sad or bad mood.

    3. At risk of violating the no-a*hole rule, I wonder if it’s an appropriate time to address the debate of the safety of running with an iPod? I know the Gomers podcast somewhat revolves around running to music, but amongst other runners it has been a heated debate (check out Runners World for example). I myself enjoy running with an iPod, but have always felt nervous about it. I wonder if G2 feels that it made any difference?

    I think the important to thing to remember is that is very much a temporary set-back (heck, a tibial stress fracture could sideline you longer!), so don’t despair!

  5. Maria Bickford
    Maria Bickford February 24, 2010

    Hi Guys! I’m so glad Steven’s not flat! That would be such a bad day! Take it easy and heal up. You guys are going to rock any marathon that you choose to do. If you put it off long enough you could come up and do one here in Maine (October is marathon season here). Just saying… So take care and keep on podcasting…I’m a wicked big fan.

  6. Frank L
    Frank L February 24, 2010

    Hi Guys,
    I think you should totally hang it up. Stop running, and start drinking and smoking in quantity. First the shingles, and now this? Take a hint!
    OK, of course I’m joking. While this is indeed a major set back, you’ll be back running in no time. The hard part will be to try to figure out where you’re at when you get back into it. My guess is you’ll still be able to do ~12 miles, so restart your training from there and pick a marathon to match the time to re-complete that part of the training schedule.
    Another G-Nation tip: Don’t be tempted to sell your bib on Craigslist or eBay. The race people look very dimly on that.
    Movies: One running movie that hasn’t been mentioned is called “Run the Sahara.” It’s about 3 gomer-wannabees who run across the entire African continent. Talk about pain!

  7. Edie May
    Edie May February 24, 2010

    Hey Gomers, thanks for the update. I love your attitude Steven. If only more people followed the no ***hole philosophy in life!
    In your spare time here is something you might like. I like to create my own tempo runs set to songs I like at specific beats per minute. If you use this website you can find out the bpm for your song. Anthony, being a musician, probably can do this without help, but I need it!

    Start with the slower bpm’s and then build to faster ones and then back down again. Just make sure that you keep the beat with your pace. I have gone through most of my songs and have their bpm’s listed. It’s one way to kill the time and something productive you can do to improve your running when you get back out there.
    Take it easy on yourself!

  8. Udell
    Udell February 25, 2010

    Hey guys, I just wanted to make a general comment. Knowing both of you from highschool, I try to listen to the podcast as if I were a general listener…trying to decide if I like the podcast because of its merits and entertainment value, or just because I know you guys.

    I’ve figured it out. You two have a very refreshing emotional honesty. And its not just honesty, its the ability to articulate it, which is a gift. Great podcast, and get better Steven.

  9. Brad in St. Louis
    Brad in St. Louis February 25, 2010

    Glad to hear Steven’s okay! Take your time and heal. Don’t rush it. If you’re looking for a new marathon, Chicago is awesome! TONS of spectators and a super-flat course. It’s in October but usually fills up by mid-April so register early!
    To keep you in the running mood, here are some great movies:
    “Saint Ralph”, “Without Limits”
    Great documentaries:
    “Spirit of the Marathon” (It’s about Chicago!), “A Race for the Soul”, “Running on the Sun”, “Ultra-Marathon Man”
    Great Books:
    “Once a Runner” and the sequel, “Again to Carthage” both by John L. Parker Jr.; “C.C. Pyle’s Amazing Foot Race”; “The Quotable Runner”; “Ultramarathon Man”
    I could recommend more, but that should get you started.
    Happy Healing!

  10. John
    John February 28, 2010

    My gosh Steven. Quite a day. Rest up and see when is a good time to reset for a new Marathon. Don’t worry if it’s not until next year. Go into it with the thought of doing your best and to push it now after such a big anticipated change in your training is just not the right thing to do for yourself or your body. Maybe think about doing a 10 Km.

    Best running theme movie – Without limits
    Best inspirational movie – Rudy

  11. active in the midwest
    active in the midwest March 1, 2010

    Just found out about Steven’s accident! I sure hope you’re feeling better- my heart goes out to you. Please take it easy and don’t rush things, there will always be another marathon but there’s only one you! I’m sorry that this had to happen to you but it could have been so much worse- I could have turned on my ipod to hear that there’s only one gomer! I’m so glad you’re ok. And don’t feel so guilty. These things happen in life. That’s why they call them accidents. You are courageous and inspiring and have high moral standards- which is partly why I tune in to you every week.(Anthony, your’e not so bad either lol) To live life to the fullest we must take risks everyday and that’s what you both are doing. You have enriched my life for sure!

  12. active in the midwest
    active in the midwest March 1, 2010

    It’s me again–ideas for movies? Gran Torino is my favorite. Hitch, I robot and Freedom writers are random ones that come to mind! TV viewing? How about The Office, “24” and of course American Idol! Family viewing? Have you turned your boys on to Sound of Music or Mary Poppins yet? And who can resist Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original)

  13. Jill
    Jill March 2, 2010

    Steven — get better soon! I was running while listening to your podcast, and seconds after you described your accident a Smart Car went by. I will never look at them the same way again…

    Since the lobbying has already started for new marathon sites, let me plug The People’s Marathon — the Marine Corps Marathon right here in D.C./Virginia. The Marines are great, the course is scenic, the weather here in October is terrific, and lots of beginners run it….

    You guys are inspirational — take care of yourselves, and don’t give up.

  14. Becky
    Becky March 2, 2010

    Holy Miss Moly! I check out for two weeks and come back to find a Gomer down! I’m so sorry this happened! You’ve got a great spirit and I know you’ll be back soon! Thanks for all you guys do… there’s a Rock n Roll marathon in San Antonio in November. Just throwing it out there – seeing as how you have Rock n Roll experience!
    Happy Healing, Steven!
    Happy Running, Anthony!

  15. Sean
    Sean March 13, 2010

    I am a few episodes behind, so I just listened to the one about the accident. I save your podcast for when I am out on a run, and I slacked off for a while. I saw photos of the accident on Facebook, but wanted to wait to hear about it from you. I knew you would make it entertaining somehow. It also made me double-check every intersection on my run.

    I will join the voices singing the praises of Road ID. Don’t leave home without it. Hate to imagine if the accident was worse and you lost consciousness, especially running in a strange town. And on running with the iPod, it can be distracting and tempt you to zone out. I found some headphones that I think help – AirDrives(.com). I have the Fit version, and it allows me to hear cars, etc. while listening to (your) podcasts on the run.

    Glad to hear you are OK, and looking forward to extra episodes.

  16. Josh
    Josh April 1, 2010

    I just heard about the crash. I was delaying my listening to coordinate with my marathon training. I heard about the crash while on a 16 miler. What a buzzkill. I definitely slowed down and was more careful. So glad you’re doing better and have another marathon planned. Mine is May 2. I hope your training goes well since I’ll be listening during my 18 and 20 milers coming up. You guys are great and a wonderful foil to the Runrunlive podcast i listen to as well. He’s a bit too serious. I run once a week and don’t look like a runner at all. I can’t wait for my race May 2 which will be right when you are back doing your 20 milers. Good luck.

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