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Season 2 : Episode 20 – Celebs

In a miraculous turn of events, BOTH Gomers had a good week this week, and they can’t wait to talk about it.  Join them as they discuss being in control of their runs, who shouldn’t win the Oscar for best picture, eating while traveling, and the effect of weight-loss on cold temperature tolerance.  And oh yeah, there is plenty of talk of the many celebrities in the Gomernation, real and fake.

Guess which one is a Two Gomers listener? Or not.
Guess which one is a Two Gomers listener? Or not.

And make sure you stick around for all the regular features:  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Gomer’s Tips, Eat and Run, two new rookie mistakes in the Runner’s Corner, and two new Songs to Run To.

And speaking of S2R2, if you haven’t let us know what yours are yet, tell us here or click on the tab on the right, we’re going to talk through some next week!  And the other Monday Survey – What time of day do you run?  Night, day, or in between?


  1. Jen FA
    Jen FA February 16, 2010

    I run whenever I can fit it in and the best scenario is running without having to take my kids along in a double jogger. So it’s mid-morning on days when both kids are in school or after my husband gets home from work (if there is still sunlight left). When I was training for a marathon and had my super long runs, I loved getting them done very early in the morning, so it didn’t take a lot of time away from my family on the weekend.

  2. Brian
    Brian February 18, 2010

    Love the podcast. Title for next season could be Two Gomers do a Triathlon.

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