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Season 2 : Episode 5 – Shingle Me This

This week is all about injury and sickness – so it should be a fun one!  Listen in as the Gomers discuss sprains, sores, aches, pains, and boils. And the Gomers as cultural liaisons to Japan?  It just might happen.  Also, do we have a Biggest Loser mentality or a Survivor mentality?  Go on, take a wild guess.

Our second-favorite obscenity-screaming trainer.
Our second-favorite obscenity-screaming trainer.

And all the other stuff too:  Week in Review, Running in the Media, Songs to Run To, Listener Feedback, and our new Monday Survey.  Thanks for all the amazing feedback this week, let’s keep it up!  Happy Running (or recovering)!

This week’s Monday Survey:  How do you stay in shape when you’re injured or sick?  And how do you keep your spirits up?  Gomer2 needs all the help he can get!


  1. Mychal
    Mychal October 5, 2009

    When I’m not able to run because of an injury, I usually try to ride my bike. It works different muscles and usually doesn’t bother whatever injury I’ve got. And I still feel like I’m doing something good.

  2. Shannon
    Shannon October 6, 2009

    I think Anthony’s right, Steven – you’re going to come back even stronger (even if the first few runs are tough) because your body’s probably getting a chance to heal other stresses you don’t even know are there.

    When I don’t feel well, I just walk (moderate pace) and listen to some good music or fun podcasts. If I have a chest cold, I always run – it seems to cure congestion – but you don’t have that, and you can’t run, so… not helpful. Just get outside for fresh air if you can, and do things that make you laugh – it helps!

    Keep in mind every training plan is flexible – you’ll be able to get back up to speed safely. Remember during Season 1 when Anthony surprised himself and ran, like, 12 miles when he only planned to run 4? You’ll surprise yourself, I bet.

    And hey! You guys reminded me today that I haven’t posted about Season 2 yet on my blog. I meant every word I wrote about Season 1 – you guys are a blast to listen and totally inspiring.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Brian
    Brian October 7, 2009

    Dudes! I pulled up iTunes today, and you’re on the front page under “New and Noteworthy” Totally Super!

    • admin
      admin October 7, 2009

      Dude, thanks for letting us know! We’re freaking out about it!

  4. GomerGirlUK
    GomerGirlUK October 9, 2009

    Hiya – twittered a bit, but there’s really so much you can do when your injured. Shannon is right about just trying to get out and get some fresh air with a simple walk. It’s amazing what a little morning dew, afternoon sun, or cricket melody can do for the soul.

    When i fractured my shin in May I switched to swimming, cycling, and more yoga. Given your condition, swimming is probably out, but maybe cycling, and def yoga. A calm mind/body will heal much faster. Don’t tax yourself too hard though – you want 100% of your body’s resources going to getting better.

    You’re in my prayers every morning. Get well soon!

  5. Max
    Max October 9, 2009

    Hey Dudes!
    I just discovered your podcast this week as I was looking through itunes for one related to running. Just like you guys did, my cousin and I are running our first half marathon in January (ING Miami). We are also total GOMERS(hilarious btw)!

    Anthony, take it day by day and picture Jillian screaming in your face! LOL!
    Steven, the #1 thing now is your health. You’ll be out shredding asphalt in no time!!!
    I’m rooting for you guys!
    Your podcast are a blast! Not too sure about that Christina song though.

  6. Jen
    Jen October 9, 2009


    I just found you guys and am so addicted alreay!! I have tried to download all the episodes from the half marathon and am simultaneously listening to the old and new. You guys are the best!! You are inspiring me to get off my butt and do something I had just started walking/running again and then had to have a minor surgery and had to stop to recoop and just like you said you don’t miss it until you can’t do it… and that just sucks!

    I love the fact that you are christians and it shows you two are a true blessing to me.

    Thanks for all the smiles

  7. Sean
    Sean October 11, 2009

    Normally when you’re injured, you can bike, swim or do the elliptical. With (the) Shingles, who knows. Sorry to hear you are suffering, and that it might derail your marathon training (for now).

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed episode 5. It is the first one that I listened to a second time. I was laughing outloud when you talked about wallowing in your self-loathing. Nothing like adversity to make for a good story.

  8. tiffany obrien
    tiffany obrien October 12, 2009

    i too just discovered you guys via itunes i am a podcast junkie but usually its all bible teaching and stuff like calvary chapel, oh yeah and Dr. who. i really enjoy working out and exercise but have always been daunted by the idea of running more than 3 miles yet alone marathon. i stumbled upon your podcast and chose it for the logo and the ratings by your listeners i was tentative but after i heard your first one i was hooked. i too have found myself smiling and laughing out in public while listening to your podcasts. the almost pooping in your pants was the best so far. im so sorry about the shingles . i can not imagine the pain and suffering involved with you and your family. just remember you can do all things in Christ. thanks for that reliant k song they too are very down to earth like yourselves. my favorite band to listen to while working out lately is rachael lampa album is kaleidoscope , the song was beautiful. and one last thing thank you for your efforts and inspiration.

  9. dan c.
    dan c. March 9, 2010

    my itunes is not showing this episode nor episode 4 as available in either subscription. don’t know if anyone else is having this problem.

  10. Alice
    Alice September 21, 2011

    Guys, I’ve been working my way through your podcasts while I train for my own half marathon, and I’m bummed that I wasn’t listening to this live because I got shingles when I was 11 and my heart went out to you! I was probably too young to get really down about it, it was more a great couple of weeks off school while I was trying not to scratch and be in too much pain. It totally sucked though. Weird that this happened to you almost two years ago but because I’m listening to it now I feel like it’s going on right now.

    And yeah, it’s totally inspiring hearing your story as the weeks go on. It’s right where my head’s at, and definitely filling a niche. And the Star Trek episode rocked more than I can describe.

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