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Season 2 : Episode 4 – The DTR

It’s a big one this week.  The Gomers get down to brass tacks, letting you in on a little conversation that could change everything.  Nervous? Join the club.

But don’t worry, the regular sections are here, too  – Week in Review, Runner’s Corner, Songs to Run To…and Listener Feedback, where we discuss this very special, very detailed graph, submitted by a listener.

Its all true.
It’s all true.

This week’s Monday Survey is out of pure curiosity:  Where are you when you listen to The Gomers?  And how do you listen?  When during the week?  We’ll ask the “why” some other time, this podcast seemed heavy enough without getting into that.  Happy Running!


  1. Alan Gosse
    Alan Gosse September 29, 2009

    I posted on ITunes that you guys are bodyglide for my IPod. keep it up!

  2. Cindi
    Cindi September 29, 2009

    I usually listen to you on Tuesdays when I drive home from work. Only because I don’t want to wait until my run to hear what you have to say so I listen as soon as I can. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  3. Laura
    Laura September 29, 2009

    I listen to you guys while I’m at work, on my iPhone. I work in a research lab, doing a lot of mundane tasks… dish-washing, making media, counting bacteria plates… and I look totally insane sometimes smiling and even laughing out loud to myself.

  4. Alison Galvan
    Alison Galvan September 29, 2009

    I listen while I’m driving around. My ipod is set up in the car, and I just listen while I”m going about my daily stuff. I look like an idiot because I crack up the whole time.

  5. Matt Williams
    Matt Williams September 30, 2009

    I usually listen at work (with headphones plugged into my iPod). More fun than radio DJs. I think I’m going to have to go back and listen to the half-marathon just for the fun of it. I just listened to Ep. 4 – very good stuff.

    I want to encourage both of you to keep up the training, at least so far as shingles and such allow. I think you should continue with the small goals attitude. Don’t freak out about the marathon looming months away. Just focus on the current week’s schedule. Do the shorter weekday runs, maybe even without stopping or even push yourself to a slightly faster, but still comfortable pace. The challenge can be fun and makes the distance go by quicker too.

    Then on the longer runs, just try to have fun. Hopefully your respective locations are cooling off enough now that fall is here to get outside for the long run. Running with someone definitely helps. Another way is to change up where you run. If you can find a new park or different neighborhood to run in the variety helps.

    Something else you can listen to on your runs is audio books. They don’t have the fun beats to air drum to, but just like listening on long road trips, the time can really fly by. I just started listening to The Shack and usually want to keep going just so I can find out what happens next.

    As for why I listen (not asked yet I know, but hey…), it’s because you are real people pushing yourselves into a real challenge. Yes the reality shows have real people and real challenges, but they are all contrived and the only point seems to be to make a few people rich and to give a few people their 15 minutes of fame. In the end, reality shows just want to make money.

    Dudes, you guys are true gomers. You’re not getting paid and you didn’t audition and get picked by a cast director or judge. You’re just attempting a monumental task that many would not even consider. And you all are not too proud to share your fears and feelings as you go through the training. This is the kind of reality show that speaks to me way more than any other podcast, tv show or movie. Go Gomers!

  6. j Lanzador
    j Lanzador September 30, 2009

    I listen to your podcast in the car. …and i listened to episode 4…and one thing I just want to share with you guys. Its OK to be nervous..its totally normal. I’m currently training for a triathlon and a half marathon…and I’ll run the tri this weekend and I’ll let you know how that goes next week. Even on my “shorter” runs, I get a little nervous..”will I have a code yellow?”, “can I run without stopping?”, “are my lips gonna chap?”….I think a little self doubt is normal…just pushing your body to do abnormal running long distances is quite an accomplishment. Do your best every time and good things will happen.

  7. Laura
    Laura September 30, 2009

    I also wanted to say, about Anthony’s trepidation, I think you said yourself at the beginning of this week’s podcast that you like taking things in small chunks… to that stop sign, to that tree, etc. This marathon is one humongo chunk, and that’s just too much to think about all at once. Break it down… the 4 weeks will be a perfect amount. You don’t have to be absolutely certain of something all the time, just go with the flow and see what time does for it.

    And Steven, rest up with the shingles! So sorry! But so weird too how this happened right when Anthony really did need some time to catch up… it’s his fault!

  8. Virginia Jim
    Virginia Jim September 30, 2009

    Gomers – I listen while at work. It helps me get pumped up for my evening runs.
    I learned something new this week. Some races have categories for Clydesdale and Athena. This allows for heavier individuals to compete against each other instead of against the traditionally skinny distance runners. I am a 250 lb Clydesdale and I am proudly training for my first half marathon. Keep up the good work Gomers. When things are tough for me, I use you for inspiration. When your training gets tough be thankful you don’t have to lug around 250 lbs!
    I enjoy the show and I appreciate your perspective on things. Go Gomers Go!

  9. Bridgett
    Bridgett September 30, 2009

    Gomers! I listen to you at work from Itunes. Usually on Wednesdays, too. With headphones. I get in trouble for laughing so much. You guys are great, keep it up!

  10. Jennifer
    Jennifer September 30, 2009

    To and from work on the subway – Brooklyn to Manhattan and the reverse. Sometimes I laugh out loud and then get weird looks.

    I like the new markers in the podcasts, too – easy for me to jump around on my old old iPod Nano.

    Thanks for Gomering!

  11. Heather in KS
    Heather in KS September 30, 2009

    I listen on my commute to the elementary school I teach at in the morning. I realized that I should probably limit the podcast to the car because I was listening to week 3 on my way to work (about a 25 minute commute) and I didn’t want to wait to hear what happened next, so I hooked my iPod up in my classroom and shut the door. It’s probably a good thing that I had the door closed because as some of the students were walking by my room to go to their classrooms, you guys started talking about how you need to make it a sex podcast and you said sex a lot. I was like “ooops.” and started laughing. So, now I just listen in the car. I tried listening to you guys while running and I can’t do it. I end up laughing and then choking on spit or something, so again….only in the car…..or on my computer while cleaning my house.
    Good luck with the training, and Steven, I hope you heal quickly!! You guys can totally do this!

  12. Steve
    Steve October 1, 2009

    I listen at work in iTunes. I usually listen immediately after it’s posted, but I work from home so I have that freedom.

  13. Andy
    Andy October 1, 2009

    I also listen “at work” (from home) as soon as it’s posted – always a highlight of my Tuesday.

    Also wanted to add my encouragement – you guys have a long time before the marathon. Most training programs are 16 weeks. By choosing a longer training plan, you’ve already built-in some off-weeks and slow progress, so don’t stress about your current fitness level or missing time due to the shingles (hope you feel better). Instead, you should stress about letting down GomerNation, and crushing our collective hopes with your failure.

    Just kidding, I’m sure most of us are in the same place as you, struggling along in our running. Thanks for providing some funny moments during the struggles!

  14. Maggie
    Maggie October 1, 2009

    I listen to the podcast ONLY when running. I use it as a tool to get me out there. When a new podcast comes in, I can’t wait to listen to it, but I won’t allow myself to listen to it until my next run. It forces me to run possibly sooner than I normally would. Thanks for that!

    I would echo some of the comments above about training, and not to think about that 26.2 until it’s right in front of you. I have more to say, so I think I’ll send an email when I get a chance. Also, praying for Steven! No wonder you had back/neck pain. I hope you heal quickly and keep your spirits up.

  15. Maggie
    Maggie October 1, 2009

    Oops, forgot to mention that I listen on my lowly iPod Shuffle.

  16. John
    John October 2, 2009

    that’s like, totally super dude! love it!

  17. Brian in Pittsburgh
    Brian in Pittsburgh October 3, 2009

    I listen on my Ipod, generally while running. The down side is that people on the street think I’m crazy when they see me run down the street–by myself–laughing out loud.

  18. Ember
    Ember October 4, 2009

    I listen to the podcast on my iphone on the subway.

  19. Maria
    Maria October 5, 2009

    Hello Gomers! I listen to your podcast on my ipod at my desk at work and I get so irritated if someone comes in and wants to talk to me because I’ve gotta pause… I was also listening while I was grocery shopping the other day. I despise the grocery store but this time wasn’t so bad! And, I’m sure people were looking at me weird because I was laughing and I was all alone! Love it! Take care.

  20. Shell
    Shell October 5, 2009

    I’ve spent the past week or so catching up on ALL the episodes – listening on my lovely iMac at home. Now that I’m caught up, I may just listen to the new episodes in the car or whatever.

  21. Paul
    Paul October 16, 2009

    I listen to you guys while I’m running or driving to work on my ipod touch. I’m still not sure whether the podcast is in real time or has the race all ready happened. By the way I listen all the way from Daejeon Korea.

  22. Jen
    Jen October 20, 2009

    I sit at a desk in front of a computer screen, surrounded by 50 or so other people doing the same thing it’s fairly quiet in there, except for the constant keying sound. When I listen to you guys I have a permanent grin and sometimes I just bust out laughing!!! Some of the girls in front of me ask what i’m listening to that is so darn funny?? I tell them but they still look at me funny when you say a podcast about two guys that are gonna run a marathon. LOVE LOVE LOVE the podcast

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