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Season 2 : Episode 6 – The Fast Food Fast

One Gomer runs while the other one continues to recover, slowly but surely, this week.  Join them as they continue to hash out what this set-back means, and what people are saying about it…including their moms.  Also, a challenge from Anthony in the Eat and Run section…and a debate concerning Chipotle that everyone’s in on, including the listeners.

Does this thing make you fatter?  Or faster?
Does this thing make you fatter? Or faster?

And a lot of other fun stuff on the way – Week in Review, Eat and Run, Songs to Run To, and Listener Feedback.  Thanks for Listening, and Happy Running!

This week’s Monday Survey:  What is your biggest food weakness?  Since we’re going on the Fast Food Fast, we thought we’d ask – what’s the food that’s bad for you, but hardest for you to give up?  Let us know!


  1. David Yelland
    David Yelland October 13, 2009

    Thanks for the podcast guys – always a smile, sometimes a laugh – NEVER a gafaw!
    Weakness – has to be biscuits. Those devilish things lurk in mere “packets” full of fat and sugar and loveliness! They must be worth 2-3lb a month on my waist.

    BTW Shingles – very nasty =:( My wife had it and it took her 2 months to get back to normal. Please be very careful.

  2. Cindi
    Cindi October 14, 2009

    You should have a month where you give up soda (including Diet!) that stuff is just no good. Coffee in moderation is good for you.

    My food weakness this time of year is mellocreme pumpkins and candy corn. Little nuggets of pure sugar! Has to be Brach’s brand though.

  3. Doug
    Doug October 14, 2009

    My biggest weakness is time. I want to fix a good meal, but in a two income family with a two year old fast food is easier. It is often selected because neither of us want to cook.

  4. Maria
    Maria October 15, 2009

    Oh. Donuts. Or doughnuts… anyway you spell it. They are forever calling my name. On any given day I drive by at least 4 of those evil shops. One of those shops has a pumpkin doughnut right now that is sooo delish. Definite weakness and so not good for me.

  5. SFSW
    SFSW October 15, 2009

    Nachos. Or maybe french fries. YUM.

  6. GomerGirlUK
    GomerGirlUK October 16, 2009

    Once again, a great podcast. though I may have to declare a boycott if you are actually serious about no coffee. I did try it once – for the sake of better running. I gave it up for 30 days and after a month of frozen, bleary eyed, soulless runs, I came crawling back to the caffeine gods begging to be wrapped once again in their nutty aroma and warmth. My conclusion was it just makes running better (and is a perfect preemptive strike on the code browns).

    As for food I’m not a huge fast food fan. I ate it weekly when i was younger, but over time i just stopped eating it, although I am still a sucker for good pepperoni pizza (esp with jalapeno’s or tabasco!). There are no Chipotle’s in the UK. I miss them so…. and Jamba juice.

    What could i not go without? What will i binge on? It’s a tie, actually: super cheesey mac and cheese or roasted garlic mashed potatoes (made with creamy roasted garlic, real full-fat butter, and a whipping cream reduction). On more than one occasion my husband has had to take the bowl away from me as even he is disturbed by just how much i’ll eat!

  7. Brian
    Brian October 17, 2009

    Swore off fast food a year and a half ago, and I don’t miss it in the least. Read Michael Pollan’s books and op-eds in the NYT for lots of food advice, he’s the smartest man alive when it comes to understanding where our food comes from, and what it does to us as individuals and as a nation.

    Biggest weakness: beer. I just love a good beer, and the best stuff has the most calories. Cheese too. Stupid Wisco roots.

    Brian – the chart maker.

  8. Maggie
    Maggie October 18, 2009

    Biggest weaknesess: All manner of baked goods: Cookies, cake, muffins, doughnuts, etc. I absolutely cannot have that stuff in the house, or it gets ugly. Since I don’t keep that in the house, I find ways to get creative, like eating chocolate chips out of the bag with a spoonful of peanut butter. It’s probably time to stop buying choc. chips.

    I haven’t had fast food yet this month, so I’m in!

    My chiropractor (who is big-time into nutrition and practices what he preaches) says that Chipotle is good stuff. They use high quality ingredients. The only problem he has with them is the huge portions.

    Happy eating and running!


  9. Ember
    Ember October 21, 2009

    French Fries! And frozen yogurt (but I’ve convinced myself that’s healthy…)

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