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Season 2 : Episode 33 – One Week to the Race

It’s the week before the Marathon, and the guys are alternating between feeling nervous and feeling excited – it all depends on the size of the crayons in their dreams.  Join them in their final regular episode of the season as they discuss the benefits of trail running, the power of clean kitchens, the ability of young’ns to work with accelerometers, the audacity of television premieres, and the glorious wonders of the moon, presented  inexplicably with Wiimote in hand.


And of course, all your favorite sections: Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Gomers Tips, and two (or more) new Songs to Run To.  Happy Running!

This week’s Monday Survey:  Do you have any favorite moments of this season of the Two Gomers?  Any encouraging words for them before they run on Sunday?  Seriously, they need all the help they can get!

And don’t forget, you have till Saturday night to donate to our Run for a Cause – if you haven’t yet, click the link below to get on board!

Click to donate toward Run for a Cause!
Click to donate toward Run for a Cause!


  1. Charlie White
    Charlie White June 2, 2010

    Good luck. Better skill! Put that training to work! 24 days to my 2nd marathon!

  2. Laura
    Laura June 2, 2010

    First and foremost…you can do this! As a fan who hasn’t missed one episode, I can hear in your voices, attitudes and stories how prepared you are mentally for the marathon. That’s the key.

    Random comments and happy memories:

    Remember when Anthony compared pieces of music? He should compare the opening of Steven’s S2R2 this week (“Love Song”) with the opening of Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet.” I’m just sayin’.

    It has become standard in our house to say, “That would be like a Gomer getting hit by a Smart Car,” when we want to illustrate rolling with the punches and picking yourself up and persevering in pursuit of your goals. It’s a compliment.

    Thanks for introducing me to Switchfoot and This World Fair.

    You know that section in Runner’s World magazine “where running and culture collide”? That happens for me when Steven does his Rachael Ray voice. I have been a fan of RR since 2001 and I can barely stand it when he makes fun of her, but I do laugh.

    Thanks for recommending the Radiolab “Limits” podcast. Unbelievable.

    The jingle for “That Hurt More” plays in an incessant loop in my head on Tuesdays.

    Thank you for the inspiration, Gomers. You have made a positive and lasting difference in my life. Good luck this weekend!!!!!

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