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Season 2 : Episode 32 – The Dress Rehearsal

Just like every one of the Gomers’ favorite shows, TGRAM is quickly nearing its end.  In this super-sized, direct-to-tape penultimate episode before the marathon (yeah, yeah, we got off on the timing a little bit these past couple weeks), the Gomers process their longest run yet, the dreaded 20-miler.  Good run/Bad run, anyone?  Oh yeah, and there’s some Lost chat.

But what about Nikki and Paulo?!
I never had all my questions about Nikki and Paulo answered! 6 years wasted!

Plus all the regular features:  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Gomer’s Tips, Running in the Media, Runner’s Corner, and Two New Songs to Run To.  How they fit it all in one hour, you ask?  They didn’t.  Happy Running!

This Week’s Monday Survey is a simple one:  Why do you run?  PLUS, don’t forget to click on the link on the right to take part in our “Running for a Cause!”  Thanks!


  1. Bill
    Bill May 25, 2010

    “Just like every one of the Gomers’ favorite shows, TGRAM is quickly nearing its end.”

    This gave me a moment of anxiety. I really hope you two will continue podcasting!

  2. Christine S
    Christine S May 28, 2010

    I really liked the Gomers UN-EDITED! Super funny! I think it came across even more than usual how much fun you guys really have recording, and what a great friendship you have. Good luck with your upcoming marathon debut, the Gomer Nation has great faith in you, you guys will do just fine 🙂 What am I gonna do without my weekly dose of Gomers????

  3. Mike
    Mike May 28, 2010

    Will you keep the podcast going for your journey towards your completion of a triathlon 😉 ???

  4. active in the midwest
    active in the midwest May 29, 2010

    I am so excited for you both, and very proud. With all the obstacles you have faced you stuck with it and never let us down! What great role models you are. I thorouhly enjoyed every episode and hope that it has been as much fun for you both as it has been for the gomernation. Thanks for all the hard work and effort. Good luck at the marathon-you both deserve to be there as much as anyone! What I love most about you both is your character. You have provided the public with a quality show, entertainging and inspiring while maintaining your integrity. I hope there is another season of two gomers “do something”- whatever you would chose I will be here waiting. (of course you’ll need a little break after the 26.2!)

  5. Alisha
    Alisha May 30, 2010

    I think maybe the two gomers should do a season of Two Gomers Hike the Grand Canyon or something like that.

    Why do I run? For my 12 year old self who failed PE cause she couldn’t run an 11 minute mile. still can’t, but someday!

  6. Laura
    Laura May 31, 2010

    I spent a good part of a twelve mile run asking myself why I run and the answer that kept popping into my head is this: because I can. I am ungraceful and not coordinated enough for any other sport. Running doesn’t ask too much of me to make me an active participant. I barely need gear beyond good shoes! And also, I know people my age who physically cannot run anymore – or ever again – for medical reasons. I owe it to God to use these legs he gave me – to thank Him! So why do I run? Because I can.

    Good Luck this weekend…I’ll be wearing my Gomer shirt! 🙂

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