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Season 2 : Episode 29 – That Hurt More

Both Gomers pulled out their LSRs this week (that stands for Long Slow Runs, emphasis on the SLOW), Gomer2 just barely.  However, a new tactic has arisen that helped him get through the bonk – and no, it’s not imagining that he’s being chased by giant worms.

Run, Kevin Bacon, RUN!
Run, Kevin Bacon, RUN!

Plus: Middle School dance awkwardnesses, birthday re-giftings, coffee jitters, and (Blue) Blu-Ray releases. Huzzah!

And all your regular favorite sections:  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Running in the Media, two new Songs to Run To, and the final two Top Ten Tips from a Ten Timer.  Happy Running!

This Week’s Survey:

What is your most PAINFUL running moment? Whether in training or in a race, we want to know!


  1. Michele
    Michele April 27, 2010

    ummmm… is it just me, or is this the wrong podcast playing for anyone else? I’m getting a repeat of episode 20. Think I’ll try to go listen on iTunes…

  2. admin
    admin April 27, 2010

    Oops! Sorry Michele, it was wrong here on the website, but it’s all fixed now. Enjoy the episode!

  3. GomerTodd in VA
    GomerTodd in VA April 27, 2010

    Hey Admin,

    Sorry…but its still pointing to Ep#20. At least you know that people are anxiously waiting to hear you both.

    I did get it from iTunes though wanted to let you know it’s still pointing to the old Ep here.

  4. admin
    admin April 27, 2010

    Argh! Ok, NOW it’s fixed. Right? Total Gomer moment, sorry.

  5. Tim
    Tim April 27, 2010

    Been wondering… Who is Baka, keepin it rizio?

    What hurt more to me… 2 pretty painful ones.
    When I was 5. I was was playing at the front of my church and sitting on the stairs with my leg stuck out and the solid oak altar fell over and landed on the top of my leg. Broke my femur. Was in traction at the hospital for several weeks and wore a body cast for several months.

    When I was 11, I was playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my friends. I was Leonardo, so naturally I was carrying a machete. Running through the woods with a “sword”, I fell and cut my leg open. Got to the house to check it out… Huge cut across my knee, could see bone… I had cut my tendon in half.

    Both of these happened to my right leg… Im surprised I can run…

  6. Laura
    Laura April 28, 2010

    I had to do a double-take when I first saw the picture of Kevin Bacon. I thought it was a picture of Steven and Anthony.

    What hurt more…running around and around the staircase in my granfather’s basement until I ran smack into my cousin Jeff holding a pencil straight out. I put up my hands to block the collision and the pencil went right into the tender part of the my hand right at the base of my thumb. The entire point was buried in there. We were six but I can still recall that base-of-the-hand weird twisting pain.

  7. Frank
    Frank April 29, 2010

    This is off topic as far as the survey is concerned, but I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. You guys and the Gomer Nation needs to check out a video podcast called “Al versus the Marathon.” Just look it up in iTunes or YouTube. Very funny and apropos to the Gomers

  8. GomerTodd in VA
    GomerTodd in VA April 29, 2010

    What hurt more…swimming/diving team in high school here (oh my gosh was it that long ago…really???) and was practicing my “Inward”. Thought since I was the only one using the board that the fulcrum wouldn’t have been changed by anyone…right? Thought WRONG! On my turn to the pool I looked down to see the board where the water should have been. OH SUGAR. Hit the board face first. Ironically that didn’t hurt (though it ripped out my front teeth) as I went immediately into shock. What hurt was the ER team picking the non-skid granules and fiberglass shards from the board out of the tissue layers between my outer lower lip and inside of mouth. I think several people are permanently deaf from my screams. Moral of story…check the fulcrum on EVERY dive. Man did I feel like a super dork! I did get perfectly straight fake teeth as a result 🙂

  9. Beth
    Beth April 29, 2010

    Loved the Tremors reference! That was my favorite movie in middle school. Gomer2: totally impressed with your iron will in compleating that 14 miler!

  10. Bill
    Bill April 30, 2010

    What hurt more…

    While playing football in college, I got tangled up with the player I was covering, fell down and his heel smashed my face.

    That hurt.

    My teammates said my nose looked “real bad,” so one of them offered to straighten it out, a la in the movies (Say Anything comes to mind) when someone just kind of grinds it out to a straight position again.

    That (would have) hurt more…

    but (Steven!) I didn’t let him do it.

    Instead, I saw a doctor who “reduced” my nose (straightened it out and put a cast on it). He put a foot-long, steel rod up each of my nostrils and manipulated them with each hand until he liked the way my nose looked.

    That hurt more!

    Worst pain of my life.

    BTW, sorry for spelling your name incorrectly in my past messages, Steven.

    Rock on, Gomers!
    Mr. Shin Splints

  11. Mac
    Mac April 30, 2010

    Dude… I started listening about a week ago and made it to Halloween, through the shingles and first relocation of the bus. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I did a super power dvr and just thought I’d check the site to find out your times. Gn2… Hang in there bro. You have been especially inspirational to me since I started listening. God is really using you in ways you don’t know.

    Have you two considered a charity race? The St Jude Memphis marathon is an awesome event and since u guys are practically celebrities now i bet you would set records. Fund raising records that is. I’m sure your time would be good too.

  12. Denise
    Denise May 3, 2010

    What hurts more? No doubt about it..childbirth… which, fortunately, neither of you will get to experience…
    by the way at my marathon on Saturday someone had a sign that said “You have done things that hurt a lot more than this for a lot longer”. thought about you guys. Thanks for an entertaining podcast that keeps me laughing

  13. steve0mania
    steve0mania May 3, 2010

    Most painful running moment: AFTER my first 1/2 marathon (thank g-d). The worst (the WORST–did I say it was THE WORST) stomach pain and loose stools ever! Started about an hour or so after the 1/2 marathon, lasted like four hours, then just stopped and I felt better. During the episode, though, it felt like the old college moments from when I used to drink too much: “g-d, I swear I’ll stop drinking forever if you just make it stop!” Of course, in college it was puking, not loose stool! Wow, good memory–thanks for making me recall it!

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