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Season 2 : Episode 28 – iPlod

Need a week off from running, whether you want it or not?  Amidst all the iPad chat, Gomer1 has the tip just for you this week on the podcast!  Hint – it has to do with summer footwear.

Ok, ok, its not that bad, but still...
Ok, ok, it’s not that bad, but still…

Gomer2 is still on his road to recovery, and he has a big, albeit slow, week to report.  Also, an Anti-Gomer update, the In N Out civil war, memories of a substance called Aquaphor, and the band that may have invented reverb.

Plus, all the regular stuffs:  Week in Review, Gomer’s Tips, Listener Feedback, two new Songs to Run To, and two new Tips from a Ten Timer in the Runner’s Corner.  Keep plodding, and Happy Running!

This week’s Monday Survey:  Do you prefer to run by yourself, or in a group or two or more?  We lonely Gomers are wondering.


  1. Bill
    Bill April 21, 2010

    Hey Anthony, I care! What’s your true gomer confession song to run to?

    Oh, and I wanted to ask, does Chipotle count as fast food this month? (Massively good job avoiding In-n-Out, Stephen.)

    Mr. Shin Splints

  2. Jill Will Run
    Jill Will Run April 22, 2010

    Hyponatremia is what occurs when people have drank so much water that their electrolyte levels are all out of whack. That’s why electrolytes (aka SALT) are recommended for exercise that lasts longer than an hour. Don’t take salt tablets during your race unless you’ve practiced with them in training. There are a few brands out there (Salt Stick, Hammer Endurolytes) or there’s the cheapo method of using a salt packet from a fast food restaurant (lick your hand, dump the salt, then lick it up). But you can also just plan on using sport drinks for your electrolyte too.

  3. becks
    becks April 17, 2011

    I am just pontificating the very thought of your gomer survey right now. it is almost 8 am on an unusually beautiful sunday morning. i can go to a wonderful trail near my house alone ( I say alone, but with podcasts/music/garmin) or quickly text two of my running pals who are in the midst of their heavy marathon training weeks and could probably do with some distraction – me – to break up their long run. lovely views and contemplation versus fun and frivoloty and faster pacing with them no doubt. Ok so i have now sent the text asking them if i can join their route, friends trump contemplation today. lets hope they say yes now or i’ll feel a bit glum now!

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