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Season 2 : Episode 23 – This IS a running podcast, right?

With Gomer2 still laid up in bed and Gomer1 recovering from the Half Marathon, it’s a slow running week.  But you know better than to think they wouldn’t come up with PLENTY to talk about right?  It’s what you’d expect:  a weird mix of Oscar Chat, food tangents, weight updates, recovery observations, and new Spring TV reviews.

For shame.
For shame.

And yes, ok, there’s some running stuff!  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Eat and Run, Running in the Media, two new Songs to Run To, and the final two Rookie Mistakes in the Runner’s Corner – it’s all here.  So plug in those headphones and let the Gomers distract you for another hour of your run!

Monday Survey this Week:  Last week was Safety Tips, this week is Recovery Tips – have any?  Steven could use ’em!  Happy running!


  1. Matt W
    Matt W March 16, 2010

    Speaking of how much drama can happen to one family as mentioned about “Parenthood”… I have to wonder, how much drama can happen to Two Gomers? 🙂

  2. Rhonda S. (RunningRN)
    Rhonda S. (RunningRN) March 21, 2010

    Tina Fey should write a sitcom based on TwoGomers and the Gomernation. She would make it ridiculously funny. Isn’t it amazing how powerful the two of you have become? You have a Gomernation filled with people who love to laugh, follow your running adventure while scrambling with our own and learning from each other. I listen while cycling. Running is out until my ole knee gets stronger. Just like Steven I yearn to run again.

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