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Season 2 : Episode 24 – Getting Close to Getting There

Good news:  Steven just ran his first mile since the accident.  Sure, it’s a baby step, but it’s a BIG baby step.

What, you didn’t see that movie?  Weird.

Also:  Thrilling Daylight Savings Time discussions, Wii-related confessions, senior song confusions, and car talk, just like them guys on the NPR!  Plus all the regular stuff:  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, True Gomer Confessions, Two New Songs to Run To, and a new series in the Runner’s Corner:  Top Ten Tips from a Ten-Time Marathoner.  Wowzers!

This week’s Monday Survey:  When the weather starts to get warm, do you forgo the car and run, walk, or bike to work? And speaking of cars, which is better, the Rav 4 or the CR-V? Just curious.  Happy Running!

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