Season 6: Episode 3 – What the Doctor Ordered November 27th, 2013

Anthony has some news in this, the third episode of Two Gomers Race a Triathlon.  It wouldn’t be a season of the Gomers without one of them “having some news,” would it?  Also:

Steven runs to work.  It’s snowing in Arizona, but not in Florida…but it is cooler there.  There is a sneakier way to shower.  The women’s locker room is just as gross as the men’s.  Brick workouts do not involve bricks.  It’s possible to not eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  And the Gomers got a cool present from a listener.

Thanks Holly!

Monday Survey:  What’s on your (running, biking and swimming) Holiday wish list?  Let us know so we can put it on ours’, too!


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  1. Gomers Shoe Tip: In a tri, you’ll want to consider speedlaces such as Yankz. I actually prefer Nathan Velocity and Lock Laces.

    Also, if you don’t already have a race belt, you’ll want one for the run. Most races have you put your race number on your bike and bike helmet so you don’t need the number on your shirt until the run.

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