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Season 3 : Sub-Five Special 2 – Two Gomers’ Life Lessons

Download the Special for the price of your choosing here!

With the marathon only one week away, the Gomers are feeling reflective.  And nervous.  So it’s the perfect time to release their second special for Season 3 – Two Gomers’ Life Lessons!  Join them as they talk big picture – What have they learned the past three years they wouldn’t have learned if they’d never made the choice to live a different life?  Oh, the intrigue!  Plus, this special is the obvious winner of the coveted Overused Metaphor in a Single Episode Award.

Cliff Jumping

Download the Special for the price of your choosing here!

Follow the link to get to the new Gomer Merchandise page and download the episode.  As always, the Special is available for free, but payments of any size are welcome, and can be made on the merch page.  Remember, the incentives are better if you pay at higher levels:

1.  Anyone who pays $2.99 or over is entered into a drawing for a free tech or t-shirt.

2.  If you pay $13.1, you’re ALSO entered into a drawing for a hoodie.  AND you’re entered into a drawing to become Gomer8.

3.  If you dig deep and pay $26.2, you are entered into drawings for all that stuff, PLUS you get a link to download The Two Gomers EP.

Track list:
1 – Compared to You (original song written by Steven)
2 – Steven Tells the Anti-Gomers Story Live
3 – Anthony’s solo mock “Dress Rehearsal” via Skype
4 – The Lost Eat and Run Recording
5 – My King (original song written by Anthony and sung impromptu in Steven’s basement)
6 – 78th and York (Anthony’s atmospheric foray into the world of the ebow)

Thanks for donating, and Happy Running!

Download the Special for the price of your choosing here!


  1. CLK
    CLK June 1, 2011

    Our journey with you has turned in to far more than 26.2 miles of pavement. We experience the “sole” part of the journey on a regular basis. This special episode ( and the one with the baby announcement) takes us into the heart and “soul” of the gomers. I hope the gomernation can help take you wherever you guys want to go. You have earned our support. Tonight the TV will be off in our home and my husband and I will be listening to this special episode together. It IS that good. Thank you.

  2. cleterfne
    cleterfne November 7, 2012

    I like here!Because give me more knowlegdge!TKS!

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