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Season 3 : Episode 12 – The Dress Rehearsal

There’s two weeks until the marathon, and the Gomers are preparing – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Join them as they discuss the impending sub-5 goal, and their “dress rehearsals”: The 20 miler. The good news: they went surprisingly well. The bad news: Well, let’s just say it has the potential to be pretty bad indeed.

And, for the last time this season, some of your favorite sections:  Week in Review, True Gomer Confessions, Week in Preview, and 2 new Songs To Run To.  Enjoy, and Happy Running!


  1. Jeff
    Jeff May 25, 2011

    For your foot: I had something similar happen after the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2009 after whining for six months I saw a podiatrist who told me to get the green superfeet insoles – and they worked!
    Long term, though I’ve become a near minimalist and use shoes with limited cushioning and heel-toe drop and mix in some barefoot training. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it corrected my form and helps me land a bit more softly.

  2. Mark
    Mark May 26, 2011

    G2, I definitely would stay off of your foot as long as possible. Rely on your training up to this point and you will do great! I had the same thing happen to me a week before a half marathon and I ended up doing something that took the pain away (but I would not really advise following what I did). I was able to get a cortisone shot that took the pain away two days later. The big warning though is that your body is trying to tell you something by making you feel pain and the shot only masked the pain which could lead to further injuries by running on it. I would not advise it especially since you will be running a full marathon but it did work for me. 🙂 Good luck, you guys will do great and have fun along the way!

  3. Laura
    Laura May 27, 2011

    G2, I am praying that your foot will heal in time for the marathon. I would not normally comment on a medical issue unsolicited, but since you asked for opinions, here is mine. It also ties in to your requests for tapering advice.
    I went through my taper for my marathon 3 weeks ago, and my understanding is that tapers are meant to allow your muscles and ligaments to fully heal all of the tiny tears that have been occurring during heavy mileage training. By staying off your feet until your marathon, you will accomplish that goal. But a tricky sidebar is that you don’t want your legs to forget speed, or rapid leg turnover. So that is why in the training plan that I followed from a Runner’s World App, there was speedwork built in right through the final week of tapering. Maybe riding a stationary bike at your university gym would preserve your leg turnover rate while keeping you off your foot. Also, in Spirit of the Marathon, Deena Kastor runs in water to heal her injured foot.
    Lastly, anxiety is a by-product of tapering even without an injury, and perhaps getting a good sweat will help. Maybe you can do some sitting boxing exercises like Moses on Biggest Loser this season.
    Laura (523)

  4. Teresa
    Teresa May 28, 2011

    I agree with the last comment from Laura. I believe you should prevent any further aggravation on your foot but you do need to keep up cardio and leg speed. Either by biking, swimming or pool running. They are not the same as running but will help keep your body tuned in. Two weeks of complete rest is a long time, your body starts to become deconditioned and you run the risk of further injury by jumping straight into a marathon.

    Good luck,

    Long time runner

  5. Alisha
    Alisha May 29, 2011

    Just relax, ice it, and eat plenty of healthy food (which you already do, but is critical when healing.) I hope you feel better, I will keep you in my prayers.


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