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Season 7: Episode 5 – Bassoon it will be Christmas

Gather the family round the Yule Log and enjoy our annual tradition: The Two Gomers Christmas Specials!

In this, our first of two specials, we talk Turkey Trots, recording while geared up for a run, honing rods, eating whatever we want (and how that’s changed this year), doctor updates, what the GomerNation is thankful for, and Home Alone LIVE!

Plus, a special visit from everybody’s favorite Elf With Attitude!  Happy listening, Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!


  1. Laura Larsen
    Laura Larsen December 9, 2015

    Going vegan is totally sustainable! (In reference to Anthony’s doctor’s advise about cholesterol) I’d argue that going vegan is the only sustainable diet, in regards to personal health and the health of the planet. Going vegan is easy these days! I’ve been vegan for 2 years now, it’s not hard or unsustainable!

  2. Bonnie
    Bonnie December 11, 2015

    So I am just listening to your season 1 finale after a week of binge listening (while running, driving to work, and even while vacuuming). I hate to sneak ahead to see what you have accomplished since 2009- but a quick glance here on your webpage shows me you are still at it- good for you!! I am 51 and will be doing my very first half-marathon in Syracuse NY in April. I will be keeping you with me during my training all winter- thanks for the laughs and inspiration!!

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