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Season 7: Episode 12 – Back to the Basics

After a strange month of long conversations, big decisions, and a detour through A Star Wars Story, the guys are back to what started it all: running.  Join the Gomers as they talk about their weeks in review including hills, bricks, dry heaves, long mileage, races…and soreness.  And what’s this?  Could it be Gomer’s Tips?  And say WHAT?! Songs to Run To?  The guys are really taking this thing seriously!  Don’t worry, though, they are still stuck in the 80s in all the right ways.

A favorite on Anthony’s playlist.

Also, stick around for some responses to the past month’s episodes and decisions in Listener Feedback.  Plus, the Monday Survey:  Do you have Low-Carb Meals to share?  We want to hear em!

Happy Listening, and Happy Running!

P.S. Sorry for the technical difficulties in the listerner feedback section! Skip to Chapter around 1:21 if you don’t like it!

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