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Season 6: Episode 17, Part 1 – Stuck Inside a Tri-Top

Three weeks to the race, and the Gomers are just the right mix of excited and terrified.  And they’ve got a lot to say about it, which made it necessary to split the Episode into two parts!  This is Part 1.

Steven is in the midst of a “long prep,” including waking up at 5 am, wearing contacts, and cramming himself inside tight clothing.  Anthony spends time swimming with someone half the Gomers’ age, and twice their talent.  The Nation gives great swimming advice.  And the guys remember a show they were (sort of) (ok, VERY sort of) a part of.

Now THAT’S a Gomer

Monday Survey this week:  If you could give ONE TIP to a new runner, what would it be?  JUST ONE!  Happy running!

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