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Season 3.5 : Gomer Extra – Try to find the announcement among the tangents!

The guys try their hardest to make this a simple reminder about the Gomer Group Run coming up on July 16th…

…but it’s been so long since they recorded that they end up talking about McDonald’s Sweet Chili Sauce, Steven’s high school french class, and an alternate universe Marty McFly.  Of course.

Enjoy, and please responde si vous plait on the Event Page ASAP!  Merci!

Click here to go to the Event Page!


  1. Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones July 11, 2011


    Please do more southern accents


  2. Laura
    Laura July 26, 2011

    Just got a great tip about running while on vacation and I wanted to pass it along. A friend recommends jumping into the shower after your run while still wearing your running clothes so they can be soaped up as well and then when they are hung to dry they shouldn’t smell bad. Made me think of the doomed Gomer shorts…


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