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Season 2 : Episode 8 – The Reveal

Time’s up, and that means the Gomers have a decision to make.  After four weeks of discussing, running, doubting, and shingling, what will they decide to do about the big marathon?  The suspense is killing you, right?  You’ll have to check out the Runner’s Corner for the big reveal!

Move...that...oh, never mind.
Move…that…oh, never mind.

Plus another food-related Listener Feedback, our sappiest Songs to Run To ever, and Tony has to get something off his chest in a very special True Gomer Confessions.  Oh, and we freak out a little about getting a mention on the #2 podcast on iTunes, Stuff You Should Know!

Monday Survey:  Where are you?  See the new link on the right called “The Gomernation?”  Click on it and let us know where you are on the interactive map.  We want to get a better idea of what exactly the Gomernation looks like.  Thanks, and Happy Running!


  1. Shell
    Shell October 27, 2009

    What a killer week… waiting for the big reveal! I think it’s a good idea for Gomer 2 to head to Florida for the marathon. Maybe my family can come out to cheer you guys on… we’re all big gomer fans.

    And the Disney talk reminded me of an idea for a future gomer season… you guys should do the Goofy Challenge. A half marathon one day, followed by a full marathon the next day. oooooh.

  2. David Yelland
    David Yelland October 27, 2009

    Completely behind you with the call on the marathon – Keep it up guys!
    PS Songs 2 run 2! – Gnarles has not left my mp3 player since your mention – where’s my Radiohead collection…………

  3. David Yelland
    David Yelland October 27, 2009

    PS Consider Uprising by Muse for the Songs 2 Run 2?

  4. Udell
    Udell October 27, 2009

    15 Step!!! YES! Also, Everything in its Right Place for an early morning run is absolutely perfect.

    As far as grilling, There are several delicious vegetables that you can grill as a main course. Check out the veggie sections in the Weber books, they have great recipes for grilled stuffed tomatoes, grilled stuffed peppers, portabello mushrooms, eggplant, pizza, etc. I was afraid I’d miss grilling when I gave up meat, but I grill just as much as I used to.

  5. Ruth
    Ruth October 27, 2009

    Are you guys sure the Sarasota Marathon is going to happen? I live in Sarasota and rumor has it that they will only be doing the half-marathon this year. The 2010 website is not even up yet. I am very interested to find out whether it will happen.

  6. lenerd
    lenerd October 28, 2009

    Don’t sweat it guys, you made the smart choice. I was training with a friend for the Portland Marathon and kept hitting a wall at 15 miles for our 20 mile practices. I had to postpone until this May and he went on to complete Portland in 3:30! I was bummed, but glad I listened to my body.

  7. Becky
    Becky October 29, 2009

    I definitely think you both did the right thing in moving the marathon back. Better to take a little more time than to rush into something and get injured. Believe me, I know from experience- nursing a foot with tendonitis now (for the second time). The first time I had to go to physical therapy and take 2 months off running. I’ve learned from my mistake- taking a few weeks off and doing some aqua running this time- at first sign of pain, instead of waiting till it is really bad. Have a great week of running!

  8. Kate
    Kate October 31, 2009

    so while running today (week 1 back at it) i was pondering how it is that my running speed seems to be even SLOWER than my walking speed. i am a pretty fast walker. i was too embarrassed to run past people, even the people walking, imagining they’d be laughing at the fat lady trying to run. i kept stopping to walk behind them whenever i encountered anyone on the trail. then i heard one of your voices in my head (not sure which one) saying, “well, why don’t you WALK past them then?” and that is exactly what i did. i walked those people into the ground. and then i ran all the way to the end and got a good solid end to my 2 mile run (i even passed some kids running!) Haha!

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