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Season 3 : Episode 6 – Do it with us

It’s the midpoint of the Gomers’ 3rd season, and they have a big midpointy announcement to make about the upcoming Marathon.  But before that, they take a look at their more…ahem…critical reviews, and decide together how to react and, ultimately, respond to them.  Not to worry, though, it’s not all serious work – the guys are more than willing to go off on a tangent or two, including some early Oscar chat and the unearthly quality of a certain Food Network star’s hair color.

It only took eight hours and ten handlers to make it look like this, y’all! And my boys love it!

Also a real quick Week in Review, a lightning round version of Songs to Run to, and all sorts of goodies along the way.  Including but not limited to our invitation to you, the Gomernation!  Happy Running!

(Important) Monday Survey: Send us your marathon training schedules, we want to find the perfect one!


  1. Laura
    Laura January 27, 2011

    Guys, I love you! No buts! And I love the new focus. I think I agree that this season was missing something, and it looks like inviting The Gomer Nation to join you in this training and the marathon was definitely the missing piece. It’s brilliant! It’s the perfect way to make everything fresh, to enhance the experience of the listeners, and to elevate yourselves to the level of teachers and leaders, in addition to being motivators. Most importantly, this is the kind of thing that could eventually lead to your ultimate dream: being on Conan. I’m pulling for ya, and I had planned to do my very first 1/2 Marathon in June… now I’m wondering if I can convince the hubby to take a trip to Wisconsin to do it. We shall see.

  2. Laura
    Laura January 27, 2011

    Dude, not even Wisconsin… Minnesota. That would be a 16.5 hour trek in the van for us. Sheesh!

  3. Eric
    Eric January 27, 2011

    Sounds good, but I will be doing a triathlon that day. I think that should be your next challenge!

    I am planning on running 2 triathlons this year and possibly my first marathon (Philly).

  4. Ryan
    Ryan January 27, 2011

    Oh man! I’d love to run that race with G1 and G2! I’ll be doing the LA marathon in March. And I’ll be in Ethiopia for part of May, but back in the states before the race. We’ll see … very cool challenge for the Gomer Nation.

    Fresno, California

  5. Brook
    Brook January 28, 2011

    Hey guys, I loved this episode. Thanks for keeping it real, and still funny!

    Ooh, I’d love to come up and do a 1/2 marathon with the Gomernation. But believe it or not, I’m already signed up for my first half on June 4th in Chicago! Can’t wait to hear more as the season unfolds.

  6. Bill
    Bill January 29, 2011

    Hey Guys,
    I had a great day at the gym yesterday, which was made all the better by the presence of this episode on my Ipod. Thanks again. I’m glad you guys adjusted your goal to make for a better plan. Selfishly, I am happy because it means more content for the G’nation. Also, I want to say that the way you guys handled your criticism was laudable and that I learned much about a better process for dealing with criticism. I think I’m a lot like Anthony in that criticism hits me pretty hard sometimes. Thanks for modeling such a positive approach.

    Take it easy, Dudes. “See” you in February.

    Bill in the East Village

  7. Nancy
    Nancy January 30, 2011

    Hey Gomers,
    I just listened to this last episode. I think you guys are doing a great job on the podcast. It is always entertaining. I’ve been listening since the first season and I’ve never written to you but decided to tonight after hearing about the jerk-coach from Montana.
    I work with the public. People who are satisfied and happy are usually quiet about it and people who want to complain(a small percentage) are the ones who cause chaos and are rude and loud.
    Anyways, I thought you’d like to hear from someone that looks forward to your podcasts. I’m not physically ready to run a marathon yet but maybe I can do a 5k on June 5th (in California)
    I say keep doing what you’re doing and don’t pay attention to the complainers. The guy apologized after the fact because he realized that he sounded like an ass. Coaches are suposed to motivate and incourage…

  8. JBL
    JBL January 30, 2011

    You guys laugh more than those gomers on Car Talk.

  9. natasha
    natasha February 2, 2011

    you guys rock. ignore the haters! listening right now. I stopped my humongous list of things to do tell you!! love your podcast. I couldn”t care less about apple or most of you tv shows…no big deal its part of who you are. i love that you are so real. your friendship is as inspiring as your training! not to sound like a high school yearbook….but don”t change!
    running mom of four drama queens (girls) in idaho,

  10. Laura S.
    Laura S. February 2, 2011

    Hi dudes,

    I wish you had balanced you criticism with at least one of your favorite positive reviews. I am not a facebook-er, but I have posted a bunch of times on this website and on iTunes, and even sent an email. I think some of us fans would like to know that you hear us, too. You have sincerely helped me reach a happy and wonderful place in my life. I have had help from a lot of different sources, as you all have, and your podcast is an important piece in my puzzle. You should own that positive-ness just as much as the constructive criticism.

    So dudes I would have considered running that marathon with you, however I am in training for a marathon on May 1st to celebrate my 40th birthday. Which leads me to my point: I like the training plan I am following which is an app from Runner’s World called Smart Coach. I am currently in week four. It is the second marathon plan I have ever tried and so far I like this one better that the last which was also good. (by Gordon Bakoulis Bloch) That’s my 2 cents about good training plans.

    Good luck guys. And remember your five-star fans far outweigh your one-stars!

  11. Makiko
    Makiko February 2, 2011

    Hi Gomers,

    I’m one of your biggest fans. You two have encouraged and entertained me throughout all the seasons. About season 3 missing something, I agree that it’s what happen when we are running for three years. We still enjoy and love the activity, but the honeymoon period is over. Kind of like marriage, no? We love our partners, but third year is just not the same as the first year.

    I’d LOVE to do the marathon with you, but won’t be able to do it due to knee injuries which I developed during my first marathon training. I’ve been suffering from this for 4 months and just took a month off from running. This year I’m gonna train for a fall marathon (Philly, Marine Corps, or NYC). But, I know you will have a fantastic time. I’ll be sending you good vibes from Maryland.

  12. Frank
    Frank February 8, 2011

    Gomers, I think I speak for the entire Gomer Nation when I say i KNOW what’s missing on the podcast. And you know it too. Are we ignoring the elephant in the room? It’s the missing Baka! (sp?) Bring Baka back and all will be well. Who’s with me?

  13. Sam
    Sam February 13, 2011

    This is the first podcast of yours. I heard it refrenced on the Mainly Triathlon, and KG podcasts respectively. I haven’t actually gotten through all of it, because my indoor trainer session ended, but I wanted to comment on the “Cocky, 11-min. mile comment” you received.
    I find that really annoying because it’s all relative. If you are rockin’ a 5-min.-mile pace or rockin’ 11-min.-mile pace, you are still out there, you are still a runner, and you are still doing your thing. Furthermore, your pace per mile does not define you, and if you are being arrogant about your pace, and having it define you, keep in mind, you won’t be able to run that pace forever and then what?
    Gentlemen, keep doing what you are doing, it is evident you are making a positive impact. If you are finding joy in doing your podcasts and in your running, and sharing these experiences…keep it on AT ANY PACE.
    Oh, and…
    (Insert sacrastic tone here): I could kick your 11-min. per mile a**. (Insert laughing at smart-ass comment here).

  14. Sam
    Sam February 13, 2011

    I meant to say, the first podcast of yours I HAVE HEARD.

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