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Season 3 : Episode 4, Part 1 – Two Rough Weeks and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

It’s the final official Christmas episode, but of course the guys couldn’t fit it all in one download.  So please enjoy Part I, where the Gomers discuss their (not too great) weeks of running, the shelf-life of Home Alone, and whether or not they’ve kept their Chipotle-related commitments.

All we want for Christmas
All we want for Christmas…

In Part 1 you’ll hear the Christmas Intro, their Weeks in Review and a special True Gomer Confessions.  Hope you enjoy the five days of four downloads from the Gomers, continuing tomorrow!

Happy Running!


  1. GregInMontana
    GregInMontana January 6, 2011

    OK guys, after listening to this episode I just had to say something. Steven says it all comes down to “You do it or you don’t do it,” right? I’ve begun to really see a glaring difference between the Gomers this season in regards to that statement.

    I love you both and have been with you since the beginning, so I don’t want you to take this as some jerk just spouting off at you, ok? But it really seems to me, and I can’t imagine it isn’t obvious to a lot of other listeners out there, that this season Steven has chosen the first option (do it), and Anthony has chosen the other option (don’t do it), over and over.

    Again, I’m saying all this because I’m a huge fan and want you to see this about yourselves. Steven I also think you cut Anthony too much slack. You’re constantly saying things like “oh no, it’s not that bad” when you should be challenging him to step it up to the level you’re working at. I know Anthony’s busy, but it sounds like Steven is too, and by my count on Twitter, Steven’s run almost TWICE as much as Anthony this season!

    Don’t know what you guys want to do with this info, but I hope you take it seriously and start to hold each other accountable like we, the Nation, have come to expect and hope for ourselves.

  2. GregInMontana
    GregInMontana January 7, 2011

    Hi again guys. I don’t know how to say this, but mostly I wanted to apologize for the brashness in my last comment. I re-read it this morning, and I realize I sounded like a jerk. I tried to delete my comment and rewrite it, but I can’t figure out how to do that. So I hope this new one will do some good and make up for some things I now regret the “morning after.”

    Basically, I think I should have written that last comment as a question instead of an accusation. Like – here’s what I’m noticing, is that accurate? Instead, it reads like an attack, and I didn’t mean it to. I am a coach, and am obviously passionate about pushing yourself in healthy ways, and I think I went overboard here.

    Also, I just listened to the most recent episode and realized Anthony is running his first big race in a while TOMORROW. &%$#! You probably didn’t need some outsider (uninformed at that) questioning your resolve right now. I’m sincerely sorry.

    Please know that what I said is still something I noticed and wanted to bring it to you for good discussion, but I apologize for how I did it. Hopefully you forgive me and I can still be a member of the Gomernation! Love the podcast and always have.

    Feel free to delete both of these comments if you want, I totally understand and wanted to do it myself. But if you think this is all helpful as further discussion on the podcast, feel free to do that and also call me out on my rudeness, I deserve it. Have a great race Anthony, I really am rooting for you! Sorry again – Greg

    • admin
      admin February 4, 2011

      Dear GregInMontana

      We tried a bunch of times to email you back and it kept bouncing back to us, so here is a copy of the email:

      Hey Greg,

      We’ll debrief further soon about all this but I just wanted to let you know there’s no hard feelings, your comment did hit me pretty hard and it didn’t help that I read it at approx. 1 AM and was about to run a half marathon. I appreciate your honesty and your “rebuke”, it was just hard to hear and Steven and I have both lately been thinking “wow, we really have opened ourselves up to criticism and it’s tough.”

      We have a lot of stuff coming up, but for good or bad your comment (among others) is part of the Gomer Season 3 narrative. Again, no hard feelings and your apology was really cool and perfectly timed, and I look forward to talking to you more soon!

      AG (G1)

      Sent from my iPhone

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