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Season 2 : Episode 13 – Dashing through the snow (or not)

The Gomers are really getting into the Christmas spirit now, with more discussions about food, music, and movies both classic (White Christmas) and kind of a stretch (The Godfather).  Oh, and they ran last week, too.  Kind of.  Winter has decended upon gomer2, and gomer1 does his best to keep him motivated, even though all Steven’s doing is sitting around inside while the snow dumps outside, watching The Biggest Loser finale and eating chips.

Believe it, fat Danny.
Believe it, fat Danny.

They won’t let it get them down, though.  Not with all the regular features to get to, like Week in Review, two new Songs to Run To, the Christmas Corner, Listener Feedback, an all-new Monday Survey…and a True Gomer Confession that’s kind of a game-changer.  Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!


  1. Milwaukee Dave
    Milwaukee Dave December 15, 2009

    Just listened to the podcast and my running beliefs are thoroughly shaken to the core. Gomer tip #1 is No Ice While Running! Anthony, what were you thinking?!? Oh geez… my head is spinning… What’s next? HotPockets are the perfect pre-race fuel? I have to go lie down now …

  2. Heather in KS
    Heather in KS December 15, 2009

    Ok….so I live in a suburb of Wichita, KS and last week the whole state of Kansas got snow but us. For example, there’s a town 40 miles north of here that had like 6 inches and a snow day and we got absolutely NO snow! 🙁 Northwest Kansas got like a foot. It was so stupid! I LOVE snow so this was such a bummer, but I don’t have to worry about ice when I run….I guess that’s a perk.

  3. Frank
    Frank December 18, 2009

    Hi Gomers, This little tale has nothing to do with snow, Christmas, or really anything related to this episode, but I feel the need to share anyway. Things like this typically happen to gomers–an exclusive club of which I consider myself a member. This may just be good enough to recount on the “air.” 🙂

    I was running early this morning along a paved trail in a suburban area outside Austin, TX. I was actually doing 1-mile intervals, so I was hurting already for 02. Suddenly, I glimpsed something moving out of the corner of my eye. I glanced to the left and there it was. Not a dog. Not a squirrel. Not a sewer rat, but rather…wait for it…an ARMADILLO!!! And, to add insult to injury this sucker actually chased me for about 10 feet before realizing his mistake. Normally we see armadillo dead on the side of the road. They are nocturnal, so seeing one during the day almost never happens. But to be CHASED by one…well…I consider it lucky. At this point I’m not sure if it’s good or bad luck but hey, it makes for a good story.

    Run Fast, Take Chances

  4. Michael
    Michael December 18, 2009

    Just finished listening to the podcast – you cannot expect to run eight miles without water or fuel! Ice is very bad as the first commenter wrote! You two need to invest in a fuel belt (dorky, yes but they will save your life!). Doesn’t matter if you get one that has one large water bottle or the one with 8 small bottles you must keep hydrated!!!

  5. Cha Ron
    Cha Ron January 18, 2010

    WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT LAST TRACK ON THE PODCAST! Horrible and hysterical!! Could not do anything but laugh while that was on – the horror! the horror!

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