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Season 2 : Episode 12 – Run Run Rudolph

It’s the first of three Christmas Episodes, and the Gomers couldn’t be more excited. But they’ve also got a lot of catching up to do – both ran Turkey Trots over Thanksgiving, and Anthony ran ANOTHER race after that. That’s right, three races total in one week. All in the name of being able to eat whatever the heck they wanted.

Add a Double Double to that, and its the perfect meal.
Add a Double Double to that, and it’s the perfect meal.

All the regular fixins (Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Eat and Run, Songs to Run To, Monday Survey) and something special thrown in (Christmas Corner) make for an episode that will get you into the holiday spirit, guaranteed.

This week’s survey:  We’re trying to assemble the Ultimate Runner’s Christmas List. What are you asking for this Christmas to help you in your running endeavors? The Gomers wanna know!

Happy (Christmas) Running!


  1. Gomerman UK
    Gomerman UK December 8, 2009

    Ho Diddly Ho, Dear Santa…

    Please can I have a pair of Skins Compression Tights, so I can look like a Turkey on Christmas Day!

  2. Frank
    Frank December 8, 2009

    Garmin Forerunner GPS watch!

  3. Tim
    Tim December 8, 2009

    I have finally caught up with your podcasts since I heard about it from StuffYouShouldKnow podcast. I really enjoy your podcast and has motivated me to start working out. Some of the best headphones that I know of are The Plug by Koss. They are in the ear buds, they have an excellent sound quality, they are pretty cheap, and they have a Lifetime No Questions asked warranty on them. I have gotten plenty of new ones for only $6 or even free if you complain 🙂 Thanks for the great podcast.

  4. A
    A December 10, 2009

    Wish list running shoe Insoles.

    You dudes wondered if other gomers run races you might be at. Why doesn’t the Gomer nation start a tradition of some sort? Maybe a meeting point before or after a race. Maybe wear a particular color for a race? Maybe placing a simple ribbon on your shoe lace.

    Happy Holidays,

    West coast gomer nation

  5. I started to listen to season 1 when I was training for a 10K I ran last October, fell off the wagon over the winter, and I’m getting back into running and listening to the podcast since one of the coaches at my office gym has peer-pressured me into running a marathon at the end of this October. Listening to the previous season 2 episodes at work during the week while waiting for each week’s new episode to post is really making the days go by much faster and I have to keep from busting out laughing at my cubicle!

    Even though it’s more like a music video to run to than a song to run to, if Gomer 2 runs races like he’s trying to catch a criminal, he might want to check out what I use for my Nike+ powersong – “Sabotage”, by the Beastie Boys… we used it as our intro when I used to skate on our police-themed men’s roller derby team “Harm City Homicide”, and the song is so good and the video is so great I’ve been listening/visualizing it in my head ever since then to help me get through my runs:

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