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Block 35: Cramps!

Hey, we’ve all been there – you’re doing fine and then urg: your stomach cramps up. Or your side splits. Is it something you ate? Is it your posture? Is it your dang attitude? We focus on that midsection and the seizing that so plagues it in this ep as we try to get to the bottom (or middle?) of this tricky block.

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  1. Kit Palmer
    Kit Palmer July 9, 2022

    For me, I have found the secret is asynchronous breathing. Basically, like Stephen, I time my breathing with my steps, but I breath in for four steps and breath out for three. That causes your steps to alternate (left to right) on when you transition between inhaling and exhaling. The theory as I understand it is that when you inhale, your core tightens and when you exhale it loosens. Asynchronous breathing more evenly distributed the impact (side to side) as you exhale.

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