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Anthony’s I Can’t/I Won’t Epiphany

Every once in a while we have an ep that goes DEEP. This is one of those! Anthony had a “flux capacitor-level” epiphany back late last year, and while we were able to share it with our patrons, we decided we needed to discuss it on the main feed. Also, the first ever BLOCK OFF.

Here is the link to Steven’s sermon in June that featured the podcast!

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One Comment

  1. Darren VanLeuven
    Darren VanLeuven July 22, 2022

    Great episode! So much to think about.

    For some reason it made me think about modulating energy. If I know I am going to have a hard day at work, maybe I should do an easy recovery run, and if I am going to have an easier day at work then I can go hard intervals on my run. It is easier to say I can rather than won’t if I am thinking about my energy.

    For the record, I found the Talk/Bassoon examples to be very helpful. Even experts have negative self talk and ways to get around it. You can use running to inform your professional life, and vice versa

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