Lose 20 in 2020 LIVE! Episode 10 – The Exercise Challenge

Ok we tried something and it was fun! What you’re about to hear is our first ever ep taped live in front of a studio audience, on our Instagram feed (@twogomerspodcasts). We had a blast! And we also set forth our April Challenge: Exercise six days a week, for 20-30 minutes! Plus, an encouraging weigh-in. Happy Listening, and Happy Exercising!

Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 9 – What’s Working, What’s Not

It’s a special double episode where we talk a bit about what’s working as we try to stay healthy during the pandemic, and what’s not…then we hear from you, the Listener! We are proud of you and love hearing from you, and we hope you enjoy a little more from us than usual today. Happy Listening, and Stay Healthy out there!

Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 8 – You Are Essential

This one is mostly just us telling you that you are important, you don’t have to hole up emotionally, and we are here for you. Plus some advice about the news cycle, social media, not holing up emotionally, paying attention to what you put into your body right now, and the best kinds of things to think about. Stay healthy out there Gomernation!

Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 7 – Weight Loss in the Time of Coronavirus

It’s a real moment right now, and the guys are here to provide some normalcy in otherwise irregular times – by talking about Star Wars food in Disneyland, among other things. We get serious, we laugh, we keep trying to be healthy.

Stayed tuned for another episode dropping tomorrow! Stay healthy out there.

Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 6 – I’m Just Eating Too Much Food

Weight loss is hard, as the guys somehow discover for the first time in this week’s installment of Lose 20 in 2020. They also talk ridiculous fast food offerings that are not making their journey any easier, Minority Report, and 14th century living.