10th Anniversary Special Part I: Beginnings, Catastrophes and Calamaties

The Gomers are celebrating a decade of the podcast with a run of “Best-of” episodes, looking back at ten crazy and inspiring years of trying to living healthy and inviting a nation along for the run!

In this first episode, the guys listen back to clips (curated by the GomerNation) from the start of the podcast and the Half Marathon.

And as a bonus, they listen to clips about their various catastrophes and calamities. Code Browns! Smart Cars! Golf Carts! That Hurt More!

Special thanks to Mackenzie Weibe and her tireless work helping with these 10th Anniversary Episodes…we couldn’t have done it without you Mackenzie! Thanks also to Adam Dilling for your patience with us as you revamped our website. It looks amazing, thank you Adam!

We’ll be back with Part II: The Marathon and Anthony Becomes a Dad, in a couple weeks. Happy Listening, Happy Running!

Season 8 – Off-Season Episode 4: Treadmill or Dreadmill?

The big news this week is that Anthony purchased three items to help him as he begins his training for the upcoming Marathon, and they are helping him a lot, all in different ways. One of these items is one they’ve been talking about since the first season…and a Gomer now owns one!

The guys also talk about what’s possible and what’s not, how to make a Total Recall smoothie, the only reason to have cable, and Seinfeld’s germaphobia. Remember, if you have suggestions for our upcoming, 10th Anniversary Best-Of Specials, please tell us about your favorite moment on the website, our Facebook page, or send us an email at twogomers@gmail.com. Thanks, and Happy Running!

Season 8 – Off-Season Episode 3: Half Marathons, Movies, and Midlife

As the Two Gomers’ 10th Anniversary approaches, they are putting out a couple episodes to catch the Nation – and one another – up on what’s happening in their lives, their running, and their thoughts on various pop-culture-related things that have nothing to do with anything but everyone is asking them about.

This week Steven gives a review of the first long distance race he’s run since the Marathon last January, and all that it did to him, inside and out. Also, we review the summer movies, or at least the ones we saw. And we talk about our aversions to getting massages for about 5 minutes too long.

Look for another episode next week! And if you’d like to help us make our 10th Anniversary episode great, we need help collecting best-of clips! Let us know your favorite moments on Facebook or by email (with ep number and timestamp), and please email us (twogomers@gmail.com) if you’re willing to help us locate and isolate clips as well! Happy Running!