Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 16 – Eliminate Comparison

We’ve got a lot to pack into this ep, thus the extended running time (we’re gonna relax about that, BTW). We talk about how the sleep challenge from May shook out, we weigh in, and we reveal the June challenge: eliminate comparison by curbing your social media intake. Happy Listening, and Happy Avoiding Social Media!

(Note: This episode was recorded before the death of George Floyd and the resulting nationwide unrest, or else we would have mentioned it at the top. So for now we’ll just say #blacklivesmatter, because they do to us. Stay safe everyone, and keep changing the world for the better.)

Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 15 – Weight Watchers Top 10

In a double episode (plus a minute or so) Anthony and Steven have their long-promised conversation about their new WW app and how it’s pulling it all together for them when it comes to their Lose 20 journey. These tips work for other tracking apps, but we happen to have WW and would take any sponsorship they might throw at us but if not that’s cool too.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more info on our upcoming Patreon feed: The Two Gomers Bonus Disk!

Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 14 – Sleep, Eat, and Speak Up

As we continue to stay at home, the Gomers dig further in to their latest challenge – sleep 8 hours a night – and how that is stacking with their past challenges, especially now that they are both doing Weight Watchers. Plus a middle school memory, shopping on the wall of the grocery store, and a message for our listeners of color.

We love you, Gomernation! Stay safe, happy running, and happy resting.

Lose 20 in 2020 LIVE! Episode 13 – More Like Butt/Off

After an hour of technical difficulties, the Gomers managed to record a second LIVE episode in front of a studio audience! We weigh-in, review our April Challenge, and present our May Challenge: SLEEP. For 8 hours per night. Think you can do it? Give it a shot, Nation! We’ll talk more about how it will actually help you be a healthier person in upcoming eps – in this one we had to talk about Face/Off.

Happy Sleeping!

Lose 20 In 2020: Episode 12 – What Do We Have to Lose?

It’s a special Double Episode to celebrate Anthony’s birthday! It’s a fun, meandering, joyful time together, and we hope you enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled for our next Instagram Live episode, and Happy exercising 6 days a week!