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• August 2nd, 2018

If you’re just finding us because of the recent shout-out on Stuff You Should Know, this is a great place to start: our most recent “Race in Review” from this past January. Another great starter episode – one a bit more typical of the podcast – is Season 7 Episode 4, “Hometown USA.” Then, feel free to listen from the beginning, our whole crazy journey is there for the listening! Welcome to the Gomernation!


After only 8 years, Steven finally accomplished the goal of a Sub-5 hour marathon, and Anthony was there to see it. Join them as they talk through the race from before the start (“What’s your go-to channel at a hotel?”) to after the finish (“It’s the chocolate milk that’s really making me feel like puking right now.”) and everything in between (“I thought I was going down, and if I did, I wasn’t going to be getting back up”).

Also, get ready for the most tangents per episode maybe ever, culminating in a conversation that bounces between Carrie Fischer’s screenwriting chops, Kevin Kline’s ownership of a running business, and Rob Lowe’s sweaty saxophone skills (and sometimes all those things at once). It’s an instant classic you won’t want to miss!

Happy Listening, and Happy Running!


2018 “Spring” Special 2: Two Gomers Get Nostalgic…plus an extended conversation!

This was supposed to be a placeholder for our second special, but it turned into a half hour of fun chat! We do talk a bit about our second of two “Spring” Specials: Two Gomers Get Nostalgic…but we thought you’d enjoy the full conversation regardless. In this special discuss our obsession with the past and [...]

Season 8: Off-Season Episode 2: Two Gomers Saw Solo

It’s been a while, but the Gomers are back for a special Off-Season Episode to talk about the release of the latest Star Wars Story: SOLO! Oh, and wonder of wonders, they also spend about half of the episode talking about running! Hey, it’s better than dying. Happy Listening, and Happy Running!

Season 8: Off-Season Episode 1: Ready Gomer One

You know how Ready Player One had, like, EVERYTHING in it, and that was kind of exciting but also felt a little overstuffed? That’s just like our Bonus Episode – Ready Gomer One – in your podcast feed now! In this one-off, just for fun episode, we review the movie (three weeks late, naturally) and [...]

2018 Spring Special 1: Two Gomers Start Over

It’s our first of two Spring Specials: Two Gomers Start Over! We talk about how we are both in the process of starting over in our running journeys, and the ins and outs of that process. Plus a TON of fun stuff along the way. It’s a really great one, we are proud of it, [...]

Season 8: Episode 10 – Mid-Season Finale Part II

The first half of our #Sub5By40 season is in the bag! Join the guys as they spend the bulk of this episode recapping a rare treat to end the season and celebrate Steven’s 40th – an entire weekend together. Spoiler: they ate a lot. French toast, Chinese food, pizza…and the frog. Plus, Jurassic Park Chaaaaaat! [...]

Season 8: Episode 9 – Mid-Season Finale Part I

The Gomers told you we would be back for their mid-season finale, and here the are! And, as per usual, the guys had so much to talk about that the finale became two parts! Here, in Part I, Steven and Anthony share final thoughts on the big race. Did the increased training work? How intense [...]

Season 8: Episode 8 – The Sub-5 Marathon in Review

Well, the big news is that WEEEEEE did it! After only 8 years, Steven finally accomplished the goal of a Sub-5 hour marathon, and Anthony was there to see it. Join them as they talk through the race from before the start (“What’s your go-to channel at a hotel?”) to after the finish (“It’s the [...]

Season 8: Episode 7 – One Day to the Marathon, LIVE!

This is a special little episode, recorded (practically) live 20 hours before Steven’s big race! Basically, Anthony calls Steven to check up on him the day before the Marathon. They end up talking about Rob Lowe a lot. To follow Steven on his race tomorrow, make sure you’re following him on Twitter (@gomer2) to get [...]

Season 8: Episode 6 – Three Days to the Marathon!

Don’t forget January is Two Gomers Fundraising Month! Click on the yellow “Donate” button to the right to help keep the GomerLights on, and to earn incentives: $5 or above gets you access to our February Special $10 or above gets you Spring Season Pass (February and March Specials), and a thank you shout-out on [...]

Season 8: Episode 5 – OneWords, 2018 Edition

Don’t forget January is Two Gomers Fundraising Month! Click on the yellow “Donate” button to the right to help keep the GomerLights on, and to earn incentives: $5 or above gets you access to our February Special $10 or above gets you Spring Season Pass (February and March Specials), and a thank you shout-out on [...]

Special Two Gomers Announcement and New Years Challenge!

January is Two Gomers Fundraising Month! Click the yellow Donate button at the right of the screen to contribute and gain incentives! —-> It’s been a year and a half since our last fundraiser, and we devoting January to raising funds so we can keep the lights on without adding ads to the podcast! If [...]

Season 8: Episode 4 – Gomers’ Favorite Thiiiiiiiings

Here it is, our final of three Christmas episodes, and it’s a doozy! We talk long runs, snow runs, code-browns and foam rollers. We do a live-to-tape Gomer Gift Exchange with our families in the room that may or may not be comprehendible. We read thoughts from the GomerNation about The Last Jedi and our [...]

Season 8: Bonus Episode – Two Gomers Talk (and talk) About The Last Jedi

We just couldn’t wait – it’s the morning after seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi and we just had to talk about it. Hope you enjoy this super-sized bonus episode! Luke sez: Spoiler Alert! Like, the Gomers talk about everything you wouldn’t want spoiled. So if you’ve seen the movie, enjoy! If not, you should [...]

Season 8: Episode 3 – Dashing Through the (Atlanta) Snow

The tables have turned as Anthony gets in a snow run before Steven this year! Join us in this, the second of three Christmas Specials of 2017, as the guys talk about new Christmas Classics, running distances no man or woman should ever run and how that feels like being pregnant, life-altering podcasts, top Movies [...]

Season 8: Episode 2 – Christmas Movie Taxonomy

It’s an annual tradition: The Two Gomers Christmas Specials! In this, the first of three specials, the Gomers give updates on their Turkey Trots, seeing a modern Christmas classic in the theater, Guiness World Record-breaking races, teenage voice-drops, Christmas Movie Taxonomies, the first third of Total Recall, and Gomer Favorite THIIIIIIIINGS! Have a great week, [...]

Season 8: Episode 1 – #Sub5by40

The boys are back! Can we still call them boys, if they are nearing 40? Probably not. Regardless, the Gomers are here for their eighth and final (?) season, and spend most of this pilot episode laying out their new challenge, how this season is different than others, and some of their hopes and fears [...]

2017 Spring Episode – What’s Up With the Gomers?

The Gomers come out of radio silence for the following important reasons: 1. Anthony has some big news to share. 2. Steven has a race he wants to run before he gets old. 3. The guys watched the Last Jedi trailer and have very outdated thoughts on it. 4. They also just kinda wanted to [...]

2017 New Years’ Special 2 – Anthony’s OneWord

Here, in the second New Year’s Special of 2017, the guys tackle Anthony’s OneWord.  The also tackle some new entrées at their neighborhood fast food joints.  Plus more Listener Feedback, updates on what’s next with the podcast, and the golden age of CGI. Farewell until July!  Unless The Last Jedi trailer comes out, then you’ll [...]

2017 New Years’ Special 1 – Steven’s OneWord

We know, it’s a little late, but what’s that saying?  Better late…anyway.  The guys return for their first of two New Years’ specials.  There is more personal chat as they kick off 2017, and Steven shares his OneWord.  Also, cruise ship foibles, political ponderings (!), and The Last Jedi predictions. Never Forget Happy Listening, Happy [...]

2016 Christmas Special 3 – Gomer Did You Know?

Because they went unsurprisingly long in their Rogue One chat last episode, you get a THIRD Christmas Special!  There is some more Rogue One chat too. But mostly they guys present their annual holiday tradition: Gomers’ Favorite THIIIIIIIIINGS!  Some are technical, come are conceptual, some are spiritual, and one of them is a toaster. Plus, [...]

2016 Christmas Special 2 – And A Star Wars Story in a Pear Tree

In their fastest turnaround ever, the guys recorded this, the second Christmas special for 2016, a mere 8 hours after they saw Rogue One.  And that’s the main thrust of this episode: their thoughts, theories, and gut reactions to the first standalone Star Wars movie. Plus some truly cutting edge plot-hole discussions on Home Alone [...]

2016 Christmas Special 1 – Not Just for Decoration

After their longest hiatus ever, the guys are back for this, the first of their 2016 Christmas Specials! They’ll talk, in detail, about everything that’s happened since the summer.  Like, remember the Olympics?  That happened during that time, they are pretty sure.  Then they’ll review their Turkey Trots from Thanksgiving morning, marveling at how different [...]

Season 7: Episode 17 – Conquer the Capital Race In Review: Half Marathon

Ok, we get it, it’s been a long time coming!  But after 7 weeks, the guys finally got an hour to sit down and talk through the second part of their big race, the Conquer the Capital!  In this, the second part of the season finale episodes, they guys talk about running longer than they [...]

Season 7: Episode 16 – Conquer the Capital Race In Review: 10k

Click here to donate and download the Season 7 specials! After 2 weeks of travel and craziness, the guys finally got an hour to sit down and talk through the first part of their big race, the Conquer the Capital!  In this, the first part of the season finale episodes, they guys talk about the [...]

Season 7: Episode 15 – One Day to the Race

Click here to donate and download the Season 7 specials! The Conquer the Capital race is TOMORROW, and the guys have a lot of questions for one another about it – and you get a front seat as they search for the answers.  When will they go to the expo?  Will they run together?  How [...]

Season 7: The Specials – Two Gomers Then and Now, Gomer Media Confessions, and Secret Emails

Click on this link, or any below, to get to the Two Gomers Store.  Donate and download the Specials! As the Conquer the Capital race approaches (less that one week!) the Gomers have put together a set of amazing Specials for you.  As always, you can go the Two Gomers Store to find these [...]

Season 7: Episode 14 – LaCroixntroversy (or: Gomers v. Batman v. Superman)

Steven’s most horrid run. Anthony’s growing weekly mileage.  Near code-browns, hill repeats and numb faces.  Star stuck members of the Gomernation. West Wing Gomer quotes.  La Croix pronunciations.  And quite possibly our most insane movie review ever. Specials drop NEXT week, and they are coming out pretty special indeed.  Have a great week, and Happy [...]

Season 7: Episode 13 – Flat Hills

As the Conquer the Capital race fast approaches, the guys catch you up with their latest training –  including hills, log runs in bad weather, and bricks.  Plus, they debate which is worse – running in the freezing rain or 90 degree humidity.  And they also chat about the virtues of a good distracting podcast, [...]

Season 7: Episode 12 – Back to the Basics

After a strange month of long conversations, big decisions, and a detour through A Star Wars Story, the guys are back to what started it all: running.  Join the Gomers as they talk about their weeks in review including hills, bricks, dry heaves, long mileage, races…and soreness.  And what’s this?  Could it be Gomer’s Tips? [...]

Season 7: Bonus Episode 3 – Two Gomers Geek Out over the Rogue One Trailer

The name says it all!  As long as the Gomers podcast exists, there will be Star Wars chat.  And so the first footage of a non-trilogy Star Wars movie warrants a bonus ep, wouldn’t you say? The guys talk new directions for the franchise, new music…and possibly new running times.  And was that Poe?  No, [...]

Season 7: Episode 11 – How We Want It To End

The guys continue their important conversation about the state of the podcast, their running and racing journeys, and their friendship. Plus, they get into the most difficult topic they’ve ever had on the podcast to date: How to end this season, and whether this will be their last. Don’t be surprised by a bit of [...]

Season 7: Episode 10 – The Gut Punch

In a nutshell: Things are about to change. After receiving an “inciting incident” email from a kind but concerned listener, the guys have a flurry of conversations about where the podcast is currently, where it’s going…and if it should end. In these next two episodes, they invite you into that conversation. Join them as they [...]

Season 7: Episode 9 – Drawbridges

In this, the 9th Episode of Two Gomers Conquer the Capital, the guys talk about how they are gearing up for the upcoming race (s), and discuss injuries, travel, and drawbridges. Plus peeps are yucky, Facebook reactions, old-people-getting-their-second-lease-on-life movies, upside-down-Apple logos, and yes: Cheers Chaaaaaaat! See you in a couple weeks!  Happy Running!

Season 7: Episode 8 – Severely Determined

Oh, but it’s been a long two months! But the Gomers are back, with all sorts of news, updates, and reports.  Anthony is traveling the country, and re-upping in training.  Steven ran a big race…and then got injured.  Both guys are determined to heal, get strong, and run the Conquer the Capital! Plus an Alan [...]

Season 7: Episode 7 – New Year OneWords

The Gomers are back to conclude their Holiday episodes before taking a brief winter hiatus.  This may be their most personal episode yet, as they not only reveal their One Word Resolutions, but dig deep into their current lives and situations.  Sound fun?  It was for them!  Plus, what they got for Christmas, The GomerNation’s [...]

Season 7: Bonus Episode 2 – Two Gomers Review Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Merry Christmas, here’s our bonus gift to you: 90 minutes of Star Wars chat! The guys have seen the movie, and this bonus ep is just what you’d expect: half an hour of preamble before they even get to the big event.  But once they do, you’ll hear what they thought, get caught up in [...]

Season 7: Episode 6 – Christmas Chafing

It’s the Gomers’ second Christmas Special of 2015, and it’s a fun one! While the guys do talk running (it’s a running podcast, after all), most of that discussion revolves around lubrication, or lack there-of.  Steven and Anthony are more excited about other things – namely, the countdown to Christmas and The Force Awakens.  Also, [...]

Season 7: Episode 5 – Bassoon it will be Christmas

Gather the family round the Yule Log and enjoy our annual tradition: The Two Gomers Christmas Specials! In this, our first of two specials, we talk Turkey Trots, recording while geared up for a run, honing rods, eating whatever we want (and how that’s changed this year), doctor updates, what the GomerNation is thankful for, [...]

Season 7: Episode 4 – Hometown USA

The guys are back with their Weeks in Review, Turkey Trots in preview, and some No-Carb Breakfast ideas. Plus, Anthony and Steven have too much fun on this episode discovering a new movie that may or may not be based on their hometown. And they discuss tight vs. slim jeans, couples’ stretching techniques and how Reese’s Puffs are [...]

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Season 7: Episode 3 – Back in the Swing of Things

Two Gomers Premiere Week comes to a close with the third episode of Season 7!  Some things you need to know: 1.  The new T-shirts are for sale!  Click the pic to check em out and purchase.  These shirts will only be up for sale through November 16! 2.  It’s the first Week in Review [...]

Season 7: Bonus Episode 1 – Two Gomers Watch the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

The title says it all!  The guys gather their families and watch the third and final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens together.  It’s their first time.  There is commentary.  Well, more like moaning and groaning, but they share some thoughts too. It’s just a fun little Easter Egg we thought you’d enjoy.  Have [...]

Season 7: Episode 2 – The New Gomer

Two Gomers Premiere week continues as the guys spend some time catching the Nation up with what’s happened this fall.  Yes, there is a new car.  Yes, there was a GomerPilgrimage to see the Full House house.  Yes, they saw a new movie that they loved and have a mancrush on its star.  Yes, they [...]

Season 7: Episode 1 – New Season in Preview

The guys are back with a brand new season and a brand new challenge: Two Gomers Conquer the Capital! Join the Two Gomers as they introduce who they are to new listeners, dig into Back To the Future Day, catch you up on their running and health, drink seltzer water, celebrate the arrival of Pumpkin [...]

Season 6 Off-Season: Summer 2015 – Think Outside the Bun

Anthony’s baby is coming soon, but before that we wanted to leave you with another summer review episode, this one all about our health and exercise. Anthony visits the doctor and gets an important awakening. Steven completes his summer running series. Both of them have good run/bike stories to tell, new nutrition commitments, and races [...]

Season 6 – Off-Season Summer 2015 – Two Gomers Rank the Summer Movies

Two eps in two days?  What madness is this? In this episode, the guys use a dumb new ranking system, developed by Steven, to review all the big movies from summer 2015! From the second Avengers to the fifth Mission Impossible, the guys had a lot of fun in air-conditioned theaters these past several months, [...]

Season 6 Off-Season: Summer 2015 – Two Gomers Swim in their Middle School Pool

For the first time ever from Anthony’s garage, the Gomer’s are back to review their summers on a series of special podcasts! In this episode, the guys talk about their brief time together about a month ago. They ate a lot! They swam in their middle school pool! They talked about old stories and annoyed [...]

Special Video Podcast – Two Gomers Do Middle School Hurdles

Just a fun little video podcast of the Gomers returning to their roots.  Happy Running!  

Season 6 Off-Season: June 2015 – GomerDog (or: Follow the Tangent)

Since a new member of the family was added to the Gomers, they decided to put out a fun June episode!  Join the guys as the talk about Chewie, Steven’s new dog…and they just TRY to follow where the tangents take them from there.  Disney World!  Personality tests! Concertos! Gomertexts! Star Wars! Fitness goals!  Survivor [...]

Season 6: Off-Season Episode 2 – Gomer Catch-Up Part 2

After over three months of silence, and almost exactly one year after their Triathlon, the guys are back to catch up the Nation on all things Gomer. In this, the second part of their Spring catch-up, the guys talk reboots: Galaxy Quest! Coach! Jurassic World! Terminator! And oh yeah, Fuller House and Star Wars. They [...]

Season 6: Off-Season Episode 2 – Gomer Catch-Up Part 1

After over three months of silence, and almost exactly one year after their Triathlon, the guys are back to catch you up on all things Gomer. In this, the first part of their Spring catch-up, the guys spend the most time talking about how their training has been sans-Gomer races.  They also have a couple [...]

New Years’ 2015 Special Part 2: One Words

Put on a pointy party hat, blow through an annoying noisemaker, and throw some confetti, the annual New Years’ Special from the Gomers is here! This is the last episode for awhile, and the Gomers go out with a bang. The guys reveal their New Years’ One Word Resolutions, and inspire one another. Then they [...]

New Years’ 2015 Special Part 1: Back to the Future and Christmas in Review

Put on a pointy party hat, blow through an annoying noisemaker, and throw some confetti, the annual New Years’ Special from the Gomers is here! In this first part of two, The Gomers talk about how weird it is that it’s finally 2015, and how that will effect there lives when it comes to Back [...]

Christmas 2014 Special 3: Favorite Things and Gomer Kids

One more Christmas Special before the New Year! Join the guys as they spread Christmas cheer by talking their favorite THIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS! Listen as they discuss kitchen appliances, Christmas movies and music, competing podcasts, and the current state of animation. You’ll also get to listen to this year’s Gomer Gift Exchange, LIVE ON THE AIR! Plus, [...]

Christmas 2014 Special 2: Snow Runs and Holiday McRibs

It’s the second of the Gomers’ annual Christmas Specials! First things first, the guys talk Jurassic World. Come on, we have to have priorities! The guys also talk end-of-the-year running, including Anthony’s journey with the Runner’s World Running Streak and Steven’s yearly running goal. Also, Snow Romance Runs, marathon itches, Elf on the Shelf confusion, [...]

Christmas 2014 Special 1: Turkey Trots and Hot Sauce

Not being ones to shirk tradition, the Gomers’ annual Christmas Specials are here! In this first special of two, the guys review their Turkey Trots and Thanksgiving dinners out. Steven gets a miraculous present and owes it all to the podcast (and his amazing staff). Anthony starts a running challenge to end his year strong. [...]

Season 6: Off Season Episode 1 – Breaking the Silence Part 2

Could it be? Yes it could! After five months of radio silence, Steven and Anthony made a trip back into the recording studio for a special “Breaking the Silence” episode to catch the Nation up on what’s been going on with their favorite Gomers. And of course, the one episode turns into two! In this [...]

Season 6: Off-Season Episode 1 – Breaking The Silence Part 1

Could it be? Yes it could! After five months of radio silence, Steven and Anthony made a trip back into the recording studio for a special “Breaking the Silence” episode to catch the Nation up on what’s been going on with their favorite Gomers. And of course, the one episode turns into two! In this, [...]

Season 6: Episode 22 – Two Gomers Race a Triathlon Season Finale

Well, Nation, this is it.  The guys spend a good amount of time processing their entire review with these questions: 1.  What’s the biggest lesson we learned? 2.  What would we have done differently? 3.  What are we most proud of? They also spend some time talking about the big end-of-the-season question:  What’s Next?  Plus, [...]

Season 6: Episode 21 – Race in Review Part II (Bike, Run and Finish)

At long last, the Gomers are back with the episode we’ve been working so hard to deliver – the Race in Review!  Don’t want to give too much away, but there’s a LOT to talk about…so much that we’ve split the episode in two.  This second one, Episode 21, covers the second transition, the bike, [...]

Season 6: Episode 20 – Race in Review Part 1 (Pre-Race and Swim)

At long last, the Gomers are back with the episode we’ve been working so hard to deliver – the Race in Review!  Don’t want to give too much away, but there’s a LOT to talk about…so much that we’ve split the episode in two.  This one, Episode 20, covers all things leading up to the [...]

Season 6: Special 3 – Gomers on Wheels (and Two Gomers Rank the Movies: PIXAR and Star Wars)

Our third special of the season, Two Gomers on Wheels, is available now! In our efforts to raise the money needed to fund the podcast and get us to the triathlon, we are offering our second special of the year, “Two Gomers Wheels,” as pay-optional. Click here to head to our store, or get there [...]

Season 6: Episode 19 – One Week to the Race

Oh jeez.  This is is – the final regular episode before the big race! The guys spend the bulk of this episode talking through the race beat by beat so they can make sure they are ready – and when they have a question, they try to answer it.  It’s therapeutic for them, and entertaining [...]

Season 6: Episode 18 – Anthony vs. The Ocean

Anthony gets more than his feet wet in this, the Gomers’ 18th episode! Enjoy this (relatively) short episode where the guys discuss Anthony’s first ocean swim.  Here’s a teaser:  It’s choppy.  Don’t forget to head over to Facebook to watch the video, too! And you’ll also get a little bonus in this episode – out [...]

Season 6: Episode 17, Part 2 – Catch-Up

Three weeks to the race, and the Gomers are just the right mix of excited and terrified.  And they’ve got a lot to say about it, which made it necessary to split the Episode into two parts!  This is Part 2. Steven is in the midst of a “long prep,” including waking up at 5 [...]

Season 6: Episode 17, Part 1 – Stuck Inside a Tri-Top

Three weeks to the race, and the Gomers are just the right mix of excited and terrified.  And they’ve got a lot to say about it, which made it necessary to split the Episode into two parts!  This is Part 1. Steven is in the midst of a “long prep,” including waking up at 5 [...]

Season 6: Episode 16 – The De-Dorkification Process

We’re in the month of the Triathlon, and the Gomers are getting nervous/excited/nervous! Steven starts a fight at the gym.  Anthony falls down on his bike.  Weight, surprisingly, is not really being lost.  Hotel pools mean something different when you’re training for a triathlon.  EXTREMELY basic lessons are new to the Gomers.  And tons of [...]

Season 6: Episode 15 – One Gomer Swims in the Ocean

This one’s a doozy, as Steven regales us with the tale of his first ocean swim(s)!  Here’s what to expect: 1.  The ocean is cold. 2.  The ocean is salty. 3.  This ocean is big. And that’s just the icing on the cake!  Hope you enjoy the episode, and Happy Swimming!

Season 6: Episode 14 – Anthony’s New Bike

In a flashback/time-warp episode, the guys talk about Anthony’s first ride on his new bike.  It’s eye-opening and exciting and we can’t wait for you to hear it and give us feedback. That’s all you need to know!  Enjoy the show, and Happy Biking!

Season 6: Episode 13 – The Doldrums (or: Do Not Molest the Manatees)

The Gomers are feeling the increased training in this, the 13th Episode of Two Gomers Race a Triathlon, but that won’t stop them from updating you and trying to be upbeat! Anthony tries nose plugs and a swimming cap, and likes one of them.  Steven gets Jelly Legs after tying his first biking/running brick workout. [...]

Season 6: Episode 12 – The Used/Vintage/Retro Bike

After a short, AMC-like mid-season break, the boys are back to finish their training for their triathlon! Big news:  Steven bought a bike.  But not before revealing the picture of himself on his Stawpid Hipster Bike to Anthony and the world.  The guys go backwards when they kick.  Anthony has discovered his own swimming guru. [...]

Season 6: Special 2 – Two Gomers Get Their Feet Wet (plus BONUS special with donation!)

Our second special of the season, Two Gomers Get Their Feet Wet, is available now! In our efforts to raise the money needed to fund the podcast and get us to the triathlon, we are offering our second special of the year, “Two Gomers Get Their Feet Wet,” as pay-optional.  Head to our store and [...]

Season 6: Episode 11 – Gym Bags and The Middle School Cafeteria Caste System

In this, the 11th episode, the Gomers finally start feeling like they’re hitting their stride in the pool! Steven’s building some muscle memory.  Anthony is working on his bilateral breathing.  Nose plugs rule.  Ziplock bags do too.  There was a caste system in the Gomers’ Middle School cafeteria.  Anthony was going to be an Eagle [...]

Season 6: Episode 10 – Songs To Swim To

Episode 10 already?  The Gomers are back with more swimming, biking, and running fun! Steven wishes he’d gotten the memo about the film crew at his pool.  Anthony gets a compliment from a nice couple.  It’s possible to exercise even when you can’t move.  Sun in your eyes is reason enough to learn to breathe [...]

Season 6: Episode 9 – The 90-Year-Old Lane Hog

After some confusion, the Gomers eventually agree that this is, in fact, Episode 9. Anthony has a breathing breakthrough.  Steven breaks through a long-standing running goal, celebrates a birthday, and gets an encouraging card.  He also changes a bike tire.  Weird half-marathon injuries.  Snorkel and flipper chat.  Heather Graham was in Twins.  Gibbler was at [...]

Season 6: Episode 8 – Two Gomers Go to the Gym

The Gomers continue to embrace the Year of the Triathlon in this, the eighth episode of Two Gomers Race a Triathlon! The gym is a lot more crowded in January than in December.  The guys detail their first (and only?) swim together before the triathlon, including biking and running.  Tri shorts leave nothing to the [...]

Season 6: Episode 7 – Put the Fear of God in Me

It’s a New Year, and the Gomers are back…and things are starting to get real, fast. The fear of God was put in Anthony on his very first swim with his coach.  A listener rebukes the guys, and we listen.  Steven is reading a triathlon book and can’t put it down.  Touching the wall and the [...]

Season 6: Episode 6 – Christmas 2013 Special 3 (or: Gomers Favorite THIII-iiiiiiiiings!)

Awww, it’s the last Gomer Christmas Special or 2013! Don’t be sad, it’s a fun one! The guys spend most of their time in the Gomer’s Favorite Things section, and the favorite things end up being eerilly similar. Also, stick around past the close for a special gift – the opportunity to listen to the [...]

Season 6: Episode 5 – Christmas 2013 Special 2 (or: Oh God No Dohn Shooot)

Jingle Gomers, Jingle Gomers, Gomers all the way!  That’s a new Christmas classic and don’t you forget it! In this, the second Christmas Special of 2013, the guys are full of cheer and wanting to share it with the world.  Anthony discovers something very strange about the bells during cross-country flights.  Steven faces an embarrassing [...]

Season 6: Episode 4 – Christmas 2013 Special 1 (or: The Friggin Tshirt Revelation)

It’s that special time of year – when you get to stuff your ears with Gomer cheer!  The first 2013 Christmas episode is here! Steven does his first brick workout and his butt hurts.  Anthony shares some reflections of his past life as he remembers his Grandma.  We bet you ten bucks you can guess [...]

Season 6: Episode 3 – What the Doctor Ordered

Anthony has some news in this, the third episode of Two Gomers Race a Triathlon.  It wouldn’t be a season of the Gomers without one of them “having some news,” would it?  Also: Steven runs to work.  It’s snowing in Arizona, but not in Florida…but it is cooler there.  There is a sneakier way to [...]

Season 6 : Episode 2 – Naked Dudes On My Left, Naked Dudes On My Right

It’s Steven’s turn to brave the gym and the pool, in this, the second episode of Two Gomers Race a Triathlon!  Here’s what you’ll hear in Episode 2: There are easy ways to tell the Gomers apart.  Steven has a thing against gyms and needs to get over himself.  Anthony has done more multi-event training. [...]

Season 6 : Episode 1 – A Before in a Sea of Afters

The wait is over – the Two Gomers are back for Season 6 – Two Gomers Race a Triathlon!  Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode: The guys (re)introduce themselves, talk about how to tell G1 from G2, and give a little GomerHistory.  Anthony gives the details on his very first swim at the gym. [...]

Season 6 : Pre-Season Specials – Donate and Download Tons of Fun!

Click here to donate and download our Pre-Season 6 Specials! Two Gomers Race a Triathlon is here, three weeks early! Many of you have been asking how to help us make Two Gomers Race a Triathlon possible. Here’s your chance!  We’ve released a two-part special available for direct download only (through our store, not on [...]

Off Season 2013: Episode 7 – Talking Triathlon While Running 13.1

The guys just couldn’t handle the radio silence, so here’s a little treat for you – a little surprise off-season episode!  Join the Gomers as they talk through Steven’s Half-Marathon last month, depressing voicemails, not-so-bad injuries, concerned parents, and Star Trek VHS tapes. Season 6 is fast approaching!  Keep an eye out for some fun [...]

Off Season 2013: Episode 6 – 50% Excited, 50% Terrified

It’s been a while, but the Gomers are back, and with big news.  Join them as they move that bus for a big Season 6 reveal, start talking about all the things they don’t know about their next big goal, talk favorite summer movies, not-quite-weekday veg, weight-loss-weight-gain math formulas, and John Williams’ chances of survival. (We [...]

Off Season 2013: Episode 5 – Star Trek, Movie Scores, and Strawberryfest

If you’re looking for running updates…well, how do we put this?  This isn’t that episode!  Join the guys in this special episode as they mostly talk Star Trek Into Darkness.  But you know they Gomers – they’ll always find ways to talk about just about everything else:  running with glasses, (really) salty foods, “meat on [...]

Off Season 2013: Episode 4 – Schoooooool’s Out

The Gomers’ Weekday Veg Challenge is at an end, and they talk turkey about it in this off-season episode.  Plus some cool running updates, kitchen creativity, mountain summiting, last-day-of-school memories, and details about this summers’ GomerNation gathering. Here’s the link to Strasberryfest, on June 22nd, if you’d like to join us! We’ll be back [...]

Off Season 2013: Episode 3 – Weekday (Veg) Update

This is a fun one – join the fellas as they talk about the ups and downs of going veg for 5 days a week in May, and everything they’ve gained (and lost) from the experience so far.  But that, of course, is not all – they also talk best running months ever, fast food [...]

Off Season 2013: Episode 2 – For Your Health

Get ready for this one, it is PACKED TO THE GILLS with content.  In the intro to this off-season episode, the Gomers the discuss the recent happenings in Boston, and how it might mean something unique to those of us who have run 26.2.  Then, join them as they discuss their months in review, Vitamix [...]

Off Season 2013: Episode 1 – The Rite of Spring

Spring has sprung, and so has a new, off-season episode of Two Gomers Run for Their Lives.  Join the Gomers as they catch up with what’s been happening the past two months.  They talk impromptu races, bassoon solos, new popes, Survivor meltdowns, Biggest Loser meltdowns, Peeps being yucky, running ruts, Magic Erasers, and April resolutions, [...]

Season 5 : Episode 14 – Race in Review (or: Bring a Bag)

The race is over and done, and the guys are on hand to do a full race in review and close up shop on the “Back to the Basics” Season 5.  Join them as they talk overhydration, deep conversations, hitting (or not hitting) the wall, misjudged start times, Parenthood (and 30 Rock and The Office), [...]

Season 5 : Episode 13 – Race in Preview (or: The Flaccid Palm Punch)

It’s THE WEEK BEFORE THE RACE, and the Gomers are excited and nervous and expectant and freaking out and all the feelings you’re supposed to be feeling before a big race.  Some things that are helping them: A detailed race in preview, words of encouragement from the GomerNation, memories of races gone by…and oh yeah, [...]

Season 5 : Episode 12 – Running with Alligators

There’s all sorts of fun stuff in this, the penultimate episode before the big race!  Join the guys as they talk tapering, yearly goals shattered by fractions, juicing (not that kind), Biggest Loser breakdowns, and pickle tips.  Plus the annual tradition of New Year’s Resolutions in One Word or Less.  Can’t think of a word? [...]

Season 5 : Special Episode – Two Gomers Choose Wisely

Click here to go to the Gomers’ Merch page and download the episode! It’s been the Gomers’ ambition, ever since they both had kids in the mix, to record a special podcast about being Dads, living life, staying healthy, and remaining sane.  Now, after weeks of planning and hours and hours of recording, they present [...]

Season 5 : Episode 11 – Two Gomers: The Unexpected Journey

It’s what wouldn’t fit in the final Christmas Special, and that might be a good thing…as this review of The Hobbit is bursting with spoilers.  Just like that think on the Goblin King’s neck would burst if you poked it too hard with a stick. Enjoy the little episode, let us know what you thought [...]

Season 5 : Episode 10 – Christmastime Hooray! (or: Running in the snow sucks)

In this, the third and final Christmas Special of 2012, the guys try to cram everything in – so much that they had to split the episode and move their Hobbit review to a separate episode.   They start with some sobering words and thoughts about last week’s tragedy, then move to Week In Review, [...]

Season 5 : Episode 9 – Christmastime is Near (or: I Quit Oh No Wait I Don’t)

It’s the Gomers’ second Christmas special of 2012, and they are in a festive mood…well, unless they’re talking about rough weeks and rough runs and totally wanting to quit and stuff.  Otherwise, join them as they talk happily about Holiday Wish Lists, band-geek near-death experiences, Christmas movie plotholes, lights on their knuckles, cheese-drenched al dente [...]

Season 5 : Episode 8 – Christmastime is Here (or: Grampa Carrying a Baby)

The Gomers’ favorite time of year is upon us, and so they present to you, Nation, the first of three Christmas specials.  Listen in as they talk Turkey Trots, Holiday Movies, Long Runs, Christmas Traditions, Barrette Clips, and Disneyland Little People Singing Jingle Bells. This week’s Monday Survey:  What’s on your running Christmas Wish List? [...]

Season 5 : Episode 7 – The Winter Run Shower Effect

After a week of sickness and travel, the Gomers are back at it again just in time for Thanksgiving.  Join them as they talk Songs To Run To, Turkey Trots, secret vacations, roadside terror, predicting elections, new Wii systems, and this one thing that happens to Steven when it’s cold that he’s wondering whether it [...]

Season 5 : Episode 6 – Sandy and Star Wars

In an episode that gets both serious and silly, the Gomers discuss all things pressing that are, by now (several days after recording!), completely out of date.  Join them as they talk about their weeks in review, but also the cancelation of the NYC marathon, the upcoming (er, just-completed) election, and, more importantly, the pros [...]

Season 5 : Episode 5 – Good Run, Bad Run, Scary Run

It’s a shorter episode this week, but it’s still crammed with Gomer goodness.  Listen in as the guys discuss how to deal with bad runs, how much Halloween scares them, and what to lube when.  Also, they are out of love with the iPad mini.  And there’s this really interesting bit where some absolutely HUGE [...]

Season 5 : Episode 4 – Stretching in the Dairy Aisle

In our continuing quest to record an episode under an hour – we fail again.  Oh, but this one is PACKED.  Back to the Future plot holes.  Stretching (or not stretching) tips.  Reverse glottal fries.  Training schedules.  Hipster quandaries. Dressing room misshaps.  And the best thing of all:  A good week of running!  Huzzah!  Oh, [...]

Season 5 : Episode 3 – Air Xylophone

It’s a lot of orchestra chat to start this episode out, but the guys do their best to bring it back to running…most of the time.  Listen in as the guys talk increasing running distance, forgetting to stretch, and of course – balancing running and real life.  Also Goonies, robots, New Jersey, and iPhones 5s. [...]

Season 5 : Episode 2 – First Injury of the Season

The boys are getting back in the groove of things – that includes on the road, on the podcast, and on the dance floor.  But is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?  Yes.  Yes there is. Join the Gomers as they spend time talking about their last week in running, [...]

Season 5: Episode 1 – Back to the Basics

Season 5 is upon us, and things may seem familiar.  The guys are training for the same half-marathon from Season 1, they are listening to the same music to get pumped up, they have some of the same hopes and fears from four years ago…and yeah, they still love talking running, TV, movies, tech, and [...]

Season 4.5 : Episode 8 – One Gomer Can’t Understand What Bane is Saying

How Gomerish is it that the finale of a season is mostly about Movies and TV?  Answer: very Gomerish.  Join the guys as they burn off some podcast material here at the end of the summer and talk all things Batman, Olympics, and quinoa pronunciation, in that order. The Gomers are taking a break till [...]

Season 4.5 : Episode 7 – The Not-Quite-Finale

The original plan was for the guys to wrap up things this episode, but they got talking so much about whether becoming vegans would affect their running, they had to ONCE AGAIN push the Summer TV and Movie Chat and Olympics Chat to another episode! That’s cool, enjoy this episode as the guys talk food, [...]

Season 4.5 : Episode 6 – Return to the Road

The Gomers are back after their small hiatus, since there’s a race to review, a return to the road to dissect, and the Olympics to start (but not finish) to analyze.  Join the guys as they talk about their month in review, what makes a hometown a hometown, Abraham Lincoln’s big year, The Brad’s new [...]

Season 4.5 : Episode 5 – The Run in Review and The Cliffhanger

The 3rd Annual Gomer Group Run was a big success, and the guys break it down in this latest episode in their off-season.  New friends, old friends, the kids’s run, and the negative impacts of a bike on Anthony’s body – it’s all here! Also, the Gomers hash out what they are feeling about the [...]

Season 4.5 : Episode 4 – Plantar Fasciitis, Avengers, and Gomer Group Run

(or: Gomer 1 had no idea who the Hulk was)   It’s a good one, folks:  Injuries! Cooking Shows!  Daytime Anchor feuds!  First Father’s Days!  Somewhat spoiler-free blockbuster reviews!  Final Gomer Run Preparations!  And the Gomer Movie Ratings System explained.  That should last you for another long run, huh? Hope you like it!  Oh, and [...]

Season 4.5 : Episode 3 – The Bumper Sticker Debate

What, two episodes in two weeks?  That’s what happens when the guys haven’t recorded for a while – they have a hard time stopping!  In this episode, they bring back a couple long-dormant segments:  Songs to Run to and Eat and Run.  They also make an interesting discovery while digging deep into some Listener Feedback, [...]

Season 4.5 : Episode 2 – When Steven Met Ryan

Well, it’s been a while, huh?  The Gomers are back with the first half of their two-episode May and June update.  Join them as they talk injuries, year-goals, Disney World walking troubles, life-changes, bad reviews, and 80s Movie Twitter Feeds.  And oh yeah, Steven’s bumbling encounter with THE Ryan Hall a couple weeks ago. Also, [...]

Season 4.5 : Episode 1 – False Start

Uh oh. Looks like the Gomers have done it again.  While not a surprise, the guys are disappointed to have to announce that the Red White and Boom! Half Marathon is not going to work for them this year.  Wanna know why, get some details, and hear what is most likely a little more processing [...]

Season 5 Preview : Back to Basics

It’s here – Season 5 of Two Gomers Run For Their Lives!  Get ready for some good old fashioned Gomer introductions, Gomer Seasons in Review, Gomer reflections and predictions, and of course, Gomer Tangents.  It wouldn’t be a season opener (or a Gomer episode, for that matter) without them, right? It’s gonna be a great [...]

Off-Season : Two Gomers Review the BOB Stroller

OK, so Anthony’s 4-word review of the BOB stroller turned into a not-so-mini 36 minute Minisode.  Sue us!  We figured no one would complain…so enjoy this tangent-filled, gear-specific, up-to-the-minute episode on your weekend run.  Happy Running!

Off-Season : March 2012 – Glottal Fries

The Gomers are back for their March Off-Season episode, and they have a lot of catching up to do.  Join them to hear how their months of running have gone, whether or not their yearly mottos are sticking, how Anthony’s holding up as a new Dad, how Steven’s holding up in 2 feet of snow, [...]

Off-Season : Feb 2012 – The Pilgrimages

As promised, the Gomers’ monthly off-season update podcast is here!  And for the first time, the guys are recording in the same room – and that room is in one of the Gomers’ actual homes.  Flagstaff is the place, Steven’s home turf, though only a month before they were together in Tampa.  The guys relate [...]

Season 4 Finale : Episode 10 – The High-Def Mirror

Update your Season 4 Challenge Status here! How many miles are you  committing to run in 2012? New Years’ has come and gone, and so has Season 4.  And it’s time to take stock on weight lost, distance run, and lessons learned.  Join the Gomers in this, the season finale, as they discuss their (and [...]

Season 4 : Episode 9 – One-Word Resolutions

Update your status in the Season 4 Challenges here! 2011 is over, and the guys spend this special, shorter episode discussing resolutions – theirs and the Nation’s – for 2012.  Join them as they reveal their one-word commitments, and discuss their running and weight-loss goals as well.  Plus delusional Star Trek captains, hipster journals, and [...]

Season 4 : Episode 8 – 2012 Year in Preview

The Gomers recorded their final Christmas episode before heading home to the midwest, and it’s a fun and festive one.  Join them as they start talking about what happens after Season 4 comes to a close, give a couple more Christmas Songs to Run To, and spend a lot  of time sharing their Gomers’ Favorite [...]

Season 4 : Episode 7 – Never Look Josh Groban in the Eyes

It’s snowing in Flagstaff and sunny in Florida, but the Gomers are having no problem connecting on their one true passion – Christmas – in this, their second Holiday episode of 2011.  Join them as the talk cold-weather running, soprano sax vs. oboe, Lego separator tools, Home Alone 2 plot-points, and a certain faux-opera singer’s [...]

Season 4 : Episode 6 – Deciduous Christmas Trees

Update your status in the Season 4 Challenges here! Deck the halls, ring the bells, and call your mom – the Two Gomers’ Christmas episodes have finally begun! And besides a little confusion concerning what kind of tree is evergreen, the guys seem to be in their element – join them for Christmas light-color pros [...]

Season 4 – Cyber Monday!

Just a quick episode to tell you about our first-ever Cyber Monday Sale! Today (Monday Nov 28) and Tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 29) the following offers are available: 1.  $1 off Tech Shirts and Vintage T-Shirts! 2.  $3 off our top-quality Hoodies! 3.  $1 off the Specials Pack! Happy Shopping, and Happy Running!

Season 4 : Special 1 – The New Normal

Head over to the Gomer Store to download the Special! “Two Gomers New Normal” is the first special of the fourth season! Head over to the Gomer Store and download (and donate if you’d like!) and join the guys as they discuss how to stay running – and stay healthy – even when your life changes…and [...]

Season 4 – The The Brad Interview

Register for the Season 4 Challenges here! Join Anthony in this special interview episode as he talks with The Brad (the Gomer’s unofficial coach and trainer) about his recent experience running the ING New York City Marathon. Happy listening, and Happy Running!

Season 4 : Episode 5 – And We’ll Make It I Promise

Register for the Season 4 Challenges here! It’s one week from the first Challenge of season 4, and the guys are gearing up for the upcoming Thanksgiving 5k!  Join them as they talk turkey (and stuffing and mashed potatoes), mile-a-day commitments, Bon Jovi lyrics, spicy brown mustard, and the potential of a certain show’s return. [...]

Season 4: Episode 4 Part 2 – The Wall of Sound

It’s Part 2 of the very long Episode 4, and the guys are talking running, food, and music.  Join them as they discuss their weight loss so far, the strangeness of the Breakfast Salad concept, and who’s better – Coldplay or Switchfoot. Join us on MONDAY when Anthony interviews The Brad about his New York [...]

Season 4 : Episode 4 Part 1 – The Dash

Ok, so it’s been a strange season, that’s true.  But Anthony is back from his travels, and the guys are ready to talk about their weeks, update each other and the Nation on their weight loss and journeys toward the Thanksgiving 5k, and talk food, TV, music, and all the things you’re used to from [...]

Season 4 : Episode 3 – Semi-Solo

Register for the Season 4 Challenges here! Gomernation, some sad news.  Anthony’s grandmother passed away last week and he’s been in WI for the past couple days, unable to record. But the guys decided that with Challenge 1 of Season 4 fast approaching, it was worth it for Steven to take one (hopefully final) crack [...]

Season 4 : Episode 2 – Running With Child

Good news, Gomernation! BOTH Gomers are back for this, the second episode of the fourth season.  While much of the episode is welcoming Anthony back and catching up on the not-so-insignificant new developments in his life, the guys find enough time (admittedly, not so hard in an hour thirty minute podcast) to update each other [...]

Season 4 : Episode 1 – Firsts

Make it official!  Register for the two Season 4 Challenges here! Ok…so things have gotten a little crazy!  But Episode 1 of Season 4 still appears, albeit a little differently than normal.  Obviously, this is going to be a season like no other – and here’s the reason: So it’s just Steven this time, but [...]

Season 4 : Episode 0 – The Two Challenges

The Gomers are back with a new name, a new logo, new theme music…and two new challenges as they preview Season 4.  Join them as they lay out the details of what they’ll be doing – and what they’re inviting the Gomernation to do – over the next several months or so.  Plus there’s Emmy’s [...]

Season 3.5 : The Gomers Look Ahead, Part II

Welcome to Part II of The Gomers’ longest episode to date – almost 2 full hours of looking forward, pontificating, tangenting, and baby-talking.  Sheesh, hope you have a long run coming up so you have time to listen!  If not, do it in small, manageable chunks.  When they start talking ABSOLUTE BEST MOVIE OF THE [...]

Season 3.5 : The Gomers Look Ahead, Part I

Summer is coming to a close, and the Gomers have decided to look ahead.  Join them as they make a valiant attempt at an impromptu and candid conversation about what’s next for the Gomers, and come surprisingly close to a conclusion.  Also, it wouldn’t be an episode of the Two Gomers Podcast if there wasn’t [...]

Season 3.5 : First Annual Two Gomers Labor Day Virtual 5k/10k

Enter your finishing time here (column G) or take a look at the results! What was meant to be a 5-minute announcement for the First Annual Two Gomers Labor Day Virtual 5k/10k turned out to be a 20-minute podcast.  Shocking, huh?  Listen as the guys catch up, preview next week’s Looking Ahead episode, and close up [...]

Season 3.5 : Gomer Summer Update 2011

Yes, there’s a Gomer Group Run update. And a summer running update, too.  But mostly this episode consists of the two guys catching up, as they’ve  been state-hopping for the past two months.  So get ready for conversation on topics ranging from Harry Potter to how Tony’s baby’s doing, from Bon Iver to which Star [...]

Season 3.5 : Gomer Extra – Try to find the announcement among the tangents!

The guys try their hardest to make this a simple reminder about the Gomer Group Run coming up on July 16th… …but it’s been so long since they recorded that they end up talking about McDonald’s Sweet Chili Sauce, Steven’s high school french class, and an alternate universe Marty McFly.  Of course. Enjoy, and please [...]

Season 3 : Episode 13 Part II – Did we fail?

Stop!  If you haven’t listened to the latest Special, Two Gomers’ Life Lessons, do it before listening to this episode!  Download here! It’s the Season 3 finale, and it’s a doozy.  While there are plenty of chances to tangentize (which they do, and we learn the true definition of “amateur” because of it), the guys [...]

Season 3 : A Special Gomernouncement: The 2nd Annual Gomer Group Run!

Download the latest special here! The guys are here with a little announcement:  one month from now is the Second Annual Gomer Group Run!  Join us on July 16, 2011 for a time of fun, food, fellowship, and of course, running! Just wanted to give you a heads up so you can put it on [...]

Season 3 : Episode 13 – Race in Review (or: Marathons are super fricking hard)

Download the Special here! The Gomers’ Sub-Five Strive at the Minneapolis Marathon has come and gone, and well…they strived!  Join the guys as they begin to process the day of the race, what happened when, why and with whom.  It was a roller coaster of a day, and the Gomers attempt to recreate it in [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 12 – 20 Hours to the Race

Get the Special, EP, or Shirts by clicking here! The Gomers are in a rare position:  Both in the same room at the same time.  That’s because in less than a day the season culminates in the Sub-Five, 26.2 effort – and the guys have a lot to say about it.  Thankfully they have the [...]

Season 3 : Sub-Five Special 2 – Two Gomers’ Life Lessons

Download the Special for the price of your choosing here! With the marathon only one week away, the Gomers are feeling reflective.  And nervous.  So it’s the perfect time to release their second special for Season 3 – Two Gomers’ Life Lessons!  Join them as they talk big picture – What have they learned the [...]

Season 3 : Episode 12 – The Dress Rehearsal

There’s two weeks until the marathon, and the Gomers are preparing – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Join them as they discuss the impending sub-5 goal, and their “dress rehearsals”: The 20 miler. The good news: they went surprisingly well. The bad news: Well, let’s just say it has the potential to be pretty bad indeed. [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 11 – Home Alone House and Hot Borgs

The guys are recovering from their 18 milers (just in time to run their 20 milers next week) by recording a Listener-centric Minisode.  Hear as they discuss bagels and nipple guards, running sockless, trusting your training, hot Borgs, and their next fundraising goal:  $2.4 million. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Running!

Season 3 : Episode 11 – Seemed like a good idea at the time

For the first time ever, the Gomers are recording an episode MINUTES after running their LSRs – the dreaded 18 miler, to be exact.  Great idea, huh?  The Gomers thought so, you’ll have to judge the results for yourself.  Just a heads up – there’s bonking and second (and third) winds all over the course [...]

Season 3 : Sub-Five Special 1 – Two Gomers’ Rules of Thumb

Claim a Gomernumber Updated:  Click here to see the GomerRegistry, and which numbers are still available! It’s the first Special of Season 3: Two Gomers’ Rules of Thumb! The guys are reaching back into the archives and thinking through their top ten Gomers’ Tips from the past three years.  Then, after much pontification, introspection, and (of [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 10 – Gomer Training Academy

With a new miniGomer (or Fun-Sized Gomer) on the way, the dudes conduct their very first interview in this, the 10th Minisode of the Sub-Five Strive.  Angie from the Marathon Training Academy Podcast joins Steven and Anthony (and Erin!) to talk all things pregnant and running –  late night cravings, morning sickness, proper pacing, and [...]

Season 3 : Episode 10, Part 2 – Big, The Sequel

Now that you know Anthony’s big news, Part II of Episode 10 brings you some big news from Steven – it has to do with something he doesn’t wear that most people do.  Ok, it’s not as big as Part I, but he gave it a shot. Part 2 is all about True or Faux, [...]

Season 3 : Episode 10, Part 1 – Big

It’s Anthony’s 32nd birthday, but that’s not the Big News.  Steven has been breaking his training run speed goals left and right, but that’s not the Big News either.  And this episode got so long we had to split it into two Big Parts.  But no, THAT’S not even the Big News.  You’ll just have [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 9 – The Value of Failure

The Gomernation is talking, and the Gomers are listening – and discussing.  Join them as they confer about the Nation’s thoughts on podcasts and audiobooks, running in a straight line or in a circle, forward-thinking or being in the now, and dogs.  And even though no one in the nation mentioned Top Chef, it sure [...]

Season 3 : Episode 9 – Gomers Out of Water

Spring has sprung, and change is in the air – including an unusual amount of semi-educated running talk from the unlikeliest of semi-experts:  the Gomers.  What’s happened exactly is unclear, but listen as they blame everything from their gadgets to their training program to actual miles put in – whatever it is, it’s kind of [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 8 – Last Suppers

The Listener Feedback has POURED in these past couple weeks, and the Gomers are lovin it.  Join them as they discuss running, with a tangent here and there:  sports bras and running skirts, bamboo socks and sticks covered with lube, Eagle Scout near-misses and zombie-killing dogs. Our excuse is that since this is a Listerner-Feedback-centric [...]

Season 3 : Episode 8 – The Haunted Treadmill

The Gomers’ training is really kicking into high gear, and they are here to talk about the ups and downs (pun intended) of speedwork:  How hard do I swing my arms?  Did that lady just see me dry-heave?  Am I allowed to faint?  And, most importantly, is this treadmill possessed? Plus the guys debut a [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 7 – Feedback of the Week

The Minisodes here in the second half of Season Three have a new focus:  The Gomernation!  Monday Survey Results and Listener Feedback are the name of the game, and the Gomers have a new way of discussing the Nation’s thoughts and questions:  Feedback of the Week. Each Minisode they’ll choose an email, Facebook post, and [...]

Season 3 : Episode 7 – We’re back, baby

It’s been a long cold February, but the Gomers are back to warm things up!  Join the guys as they think back on their hiatuses (hiati?), the disciplines they’ve developed and risks they’ve taken.  And did someone order some Gomer Tangents?  Try iPad 2 chat, Oscar thoughts, Spring TV talk, and quite possibly the most [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 6 – The Training Schedule

This is as close as the Gomers get to disobeying their wives – a quick Minisode updating the Nation on their new Marathon training schedule even though they’re supposed to be observing radio silence.  Oh well, while they’re at it, why not a little Oscar chat?  Oh hold on, what did they think of the [...]

Season 3 : Episode 6 – Do it with us

It’s the midpoint of the Gomers’ 3rd season, and they have a big midpointy announcement to make about the upcoming Marathon.  But before that, they take a look at their more…ahem…critical reviews, and decide together how to react and, ultimately, respond to them.  Not to worry, though, it’s not all serious work – the guys [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 5 – Be Water

It’s Gomer2′s turn to report on his race, and he’s a little confused about how he feels about this, his third Half Marathon and PR.  Hear as Gomer1 grills him for the details – the ups, downs, and in-betweens.  Did he meet his goal?  Is he feeling good?  Did any mantras work?  Was there enough [...]

Season 3 : Episode 5, Part 2 – One Gomer Does Disney

Long time, no hear!  In Part 2 of Episode 5, Anthony regales us with tales of the Disney World Half Marathon – from starting fireworks to motivational army men to run-ins with running celebrities, this race had it all.  And oh yeah, a pretty sweet PR to start the New Year right. This week’s Monday [...]

Season 3 : Episode 5, Part 1 – The Year of Discipline and Risk

The New Year is still on the minds of the Gomers, and they spend a significant portion of the first part of Episode 5 discussing it.  Including these questions: Should resolutions be vague or specific?  Should you set the bar unreachably high, or comfortably low?  And what is the name of that one lady who [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 4 – Like, Happy New Year, Dude

2011 really snuck up on the Gomers, and they are both realizing that their half-marathons are closer than they thought.  But that doesn’t mean they won’t take the time to do some Christmas in Review (specifically what they GOT for Christmas), discuss New Years’ Resolutions from the Gomernation, and review G1′s upcoming race.  And, you [...]

Season 3: Gomersode 1 – Gomer Dissertations Old and New

Merry Christmas Nation! Here it is, the Gomer’s 4th of our “4 downloads in 5 days” for you, our faithful listeners.  In this we present to you a Gomer Rewind, remembering our dissertations on the correlation of A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and the similarities of the Home Alone Score to the [...]

Season 3 : Episode 4, Part 2 – Happy Festivus, GomerNation!

The definition of bittersweet:  the Gomer’s final official Christmas episode of the year.  Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty to get your red-and-white-striped juices going before they’re done, including a super-sized Gomer’s Favorite Things, lots of Christmas Songs to Run To (the good and the bad), and a shocking realization concerning the holiday of choice at [...]

Season 3 : Episode 4, Part 1 – Two Rough Weeks and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

It’s the final official Christmas episode, but of course the guys couldn’t fit it all in one download.  So please enjoy Part I, where the Gomers discuss their (not too great) weeks of running, the shelf-life of Home Alone, and whether or not they’ve kept their Chipotle-related commitments. In Part 1 you’ll hear the Christmas [...]

Season 3 : The TGRAM:S5S Jingle 1st cut!

Auto-tuning!  8-part vocal/bassoon harmony!  Sub sandwiches!  It’s the Two Gomers Run a Marathon: The Sub-Five Strive Jingle!  Enjoy this 1rst (and probably only) cut, and Happy Running!

Season 3 : Minisode 3 – A Couple of Nice Young Men

Ok, ok, so at over 45 minutes, this isn’t exactly a Minisode.  But the Gomers figured it would be ok, you know, since it’s Christmas and all.  Plus, they need that extra time for all the free advertising they’ve decided to do. Join the Gomers for their Weeks in Review, Songs to Run To, Gomers’ [...]

Season 3 : Gomers Extra – Comedy, Sports, and Gingered Ale

Extra downloadable content from the Gomers?  It must be getting close to Christmas!  Enjoy this fun news about the podcast! Happy Running!

Season 3 : Episode 3 – Gomers’ Favorite Things

Have you been good little girls and boys this year?  You have?  Well, here’s your present:  The first of three Christmas episodes from the Gomers!  And the holiday cheer comes hard and fast – you won’t need to wait but 2 minutes before a lively Christmas-movie discussion hits your ears. Plus, there’s a brand new [...]

Season 3 : It’s New Feed Time!

Your instructions: 1.  Head over to the new feed on iTunes:  Two Gomers Run a Marathon: The Sub-Five Strive. 2.  Download all content. 3.  Please leave us a review. 4.  Enjoy Episode 3, and the rest of the season!  Happy Running!

Season 3 : Minisode 2 – Gomernation Races in Review

In this not-so-mini-Minisode, there’s four things the Gomers want to tell you about: 1.  Anthony’s concerto. 2.  Their love/hate for the new Harry Potter movie. 3.  Some stories from the Gomer Thanksgiving Challenge. 4.  The new jingle. Enjoy, and Happy Running! Oh, p.s.  If you want to read Steven’s scathing, spoiler-ridden review of HP7 (the [...]

Season 3 : Episode 2 – The Gomer Curse?

Now that the Gomers are fully into their 3rd season, guess what?  There’s more distractions, injuries, and weird sicknesses than you can shake a bassoon at.  But that’s not stopping them – in fact, they’ve both been having pretty great weeks – not counting the blood in the urine, of course. Plus all your favorite [...]

Season 3 : Minisode 1 – The Gomer Thanksgiving Challenge

Looks like the Gomers just couldn’t bear the thought of recording every other week, so here’s a Minisode to keep you going until Episode 2.  There’s some fun stuff in here, but the main purpose of this little installment is to issue a challenge.  Ready?  Here it is: We challenge you to sign up, TODAY, [...]

Season 3 : Episode 1 – Speed Changes Everything

The Gomers are back for their Third Season, TGRAM: The Sub Five Strive, and they’re trying to get used to the changes.  More training runs, more commitment, more effort, more discomfort – it’s a wonder they have time to record podcasts!  But they do, fair Nation, and it’s all for you. You’ll notice an unusual [...]

Season 3 : Lil’ Season 3 Teaser!

Can you feel it?  It’s Season 3, right around the corner.  But the dudes couldn’t help recording a little teaser before the season starts tomorrow…you know, for the fans.  Along with seeing the new logo on your iPod for the first time. Here’s what you can expect from this mini-sode: 1.  The official unveiling of [...]

Season 2: Episode C – Running is Moving Standing

Surprise!  Things with the Gomers have changed already.  Listen to this, the final episode of Season 2.5, for the details of what exactly Season 3: Two Gomers Strike Back (working title) will entail. Also, plenty of fall TV impressions, folklore remembrances, babysitter pricing discussions, and yes, running talk!  Everything you’ve come to expect in an [...]

Season 2: Episode B – True or Faux

In this, the second episode of the Gomers’ second-in-a-half season, things are starting to ramp up.  Both Gomers had a couple great weeks of training and have stories to tell.  Also, they each ran a 10k race – or did they?  You’ll just have to listen to find out. Also, it’s that time of year [...]

Season 2: Episode A – Summer in Review

With Season 3 in the works and not starting until late October, the Gomers didn’t want to leave the Nation hanging.  So here it is: Season 2.5, Episode A!  And could it be everything you wanted, and more?  You be the judge as the guys debrief last month’s 1st Annual Gomer Group Run, catch you [...]

Season 2: Gomer Group Run Reminder!

Just a quick reminder to join us in one week, July 24th, for our 1st Annual “How’s It Goin’” Gomer 5k Group Run!  If you can make it, please head over to our Facebook event RIGHT NOW and let us know! All the details are there, so click here ASAP so we know how many [...]

Season 2 : Episode 37 – We dare you

Season 2 of the Two Gomers is in the books, and everything feels kind of back-to-the-basics.  Join Steven and Anthony one last time as they review their weeks, offer up some running tips, discuss songs they like to run to, and read questions from fans.  Oh, and they also go off on, like, a hundred [...]

Season 2 : Episode 36 – Journey in Review

Well, it was supposed to be the final episode, but in true Gomer form, things didn’t go as planned.  The guys needed to add ONE MORE episode, coming on Thursday, since they spend more time than they thought they would on what the journey to the marathon has meant to them, how it’s changed them, [...]

Season 2 : Episode 35 – Race in Review

At long last, the Gomers end their radio silence and debrief the marathon in this Super-Sized Part I (of, as it turns out, III!) of the TGRAM season finale.  Spaghetti dinners!  Gomer gift exhanges!  Adrenaline rushes!  Embarrassingly loud nipple-chafing conversations!  Wall hittings!  Underwear-filled Port-O-Johns!  Triumphant finishes!  Exclamation points.  It’s all here folks! Plus a final [...]

Season 2 : Weeeeeee did it!

Need we say more?

Season 2 : Episode 34 – One Day to the Race

12 hours before the Marathon, the Gomers took some time out to record one more podcast, and here it is.  Revel in the pre-race jitters!  Marvel at the golf-cart near-death incidents!  Recoil from the mile-high farting!  And enjoy the final episode they will ever record as non-marathoners. See you on the other side!  Happy Running.

Season 2 : Gomerthon 2010

Surprise!  An unnanounced, full-length bonus episode just for you from the Two Gomers: Gomerthon 2010! There’s plenty of fun stuff in this special episode, including thoughts on how the Gomers are feeling 4 days before the race, top five marathon nutrition mistakes, “Peeps are Yucky” and “That Hurts More” memories, two more Songs to Run [...]

Season 2 : Episode 33 – One Week to the Race

It’s the week before the Marathon, and the guys are alternating between feeling nervous and feeling excited – it all depends on the size of the crayons in their dreams.  Join them in their final regular episode of the season as they discuss the benefits of trail running, the power of clean kitchens, the ability [...]

Season 2 : Episode 32 – The Dress Rehearsal

Just like every one of the Gomers’ favorite shows, TGRAM is quickly nearing its end.  In this super-sized, direct-to-tape penultimate episode before the marathon (yeah, yeah, we got off on the timing a little bit these past couple weeks), the Gomers process their longest run yet, the dreaded 20-miler.  Good run/Bad run, anyone?  Oh yeah, [...]

Season 2 : Two Gomers Special 3 – Two Gomers Get Ready

It’s the third, and final, Two Gomers Special: Two Gomers Get Ready! The guys are pulling out all the stops to prepare themselves for the (fast) approaching Marathon, including harkening back to the tiny vestiges of running experience both had as young lads.  And seriously, we’re talking tiny vestiges here. But it’s enough to guide [...]

Season 2 : Episode 31 – Walk-Run-Walk

It’s a shorter episode this week after the beast that was 30, and in preparation for the third special, but it’s still packed full of goodness – just like a Chicago style pizza.  Gomer2 tried Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run for the first time, while Gomer1 tells his tale of a “dress rehearsal run” gone awry.  Oh [...]

Season 2 : Episode 30 – That’s Four More Than a Marathon

30 Episodes – that’s a milestone for the Gomers, and in this episode, they examine the significance of making it 14 episodes beyond what they’d originally planned.  There’s Back to the Future talk, discussion about how short runs are easier than long ones, a Biggest Loser update, bad news about Steven’s DVR, and yes, at [...]

Season 2 : Episode 29 – That Hurt More

Both Gomers pulled out their LSRs this week (that stands for Long Slow Runs, emphasis on the SLOW), Gomer2 just barely.  However, a new tactic has arisen that helped him get through the bonk – and no, it’s not imagining that he’s being chased by giant worms. Plus: Middle School dance awkwardnesses, birthday re-giftings, coffee [...]

Season 2 : Episode 28 – iPlod

Need a week off from running, whether you want it or not?  Amidst all the iPad chat, Gomer1 has the tip just for you this week on the podcast!  Hint – it has to do with summer footwear. Gomer2 is still on his road to recovery, and he has a big, albeit slow, week to [...]

Season 2 : Episode 27 – Food Run

Food is all over this week’s episode, as the Gomers make each other hungry by discussing the fast food they can’t eat, the diets they’re off and on, the sandwiches they can fit in their pockets, the food revolutions they wish they could be a part of, the culinary podcasts they wish they’d thought of, [...]

Season 2 : Episode 26 – Just the Way I’m Feeling

Spring isn’t the only thing sprung on this episode of the Two Gomers, especially when a very special guest shows up in the Runner’s Corner.  Also, Gomer1 sets a PR in a race while Gomer2 tries to figure out how he feels about that.  How sensi!  Plus, a new fast food challenge for April, our [...]

Season 2 : Episode 25 – Getting There

This week, join the guys as they do their best to get “there,” whatever “there” means.  Gomer1 re-inserts himself back into the training schedule, and Gomer2 heads to warmer climates for some recovery training, which includes catching a glimpse of the weirdest person he’s ever seen while on a run.  Also, some classic half-marathon memories, [...]

Season 2 : Episode 24 – Getting Close to Getting There

Good news:  Steven just ran his first mile since the accident.  Sure, it’s a baby step, but it’s a BIG baby step. What, you didn’t see that movie?  Weird. Also:  Thrilling Daylight Savings Time discussions, Wii-related confessions, senior song confusions, and car talk, just like them guys on the NPR!  Plus all the regular stuff: [...]

Season 2 : Episode 23 – This IS a running podcast, right?

With Gomer2 still laid up in bed and Gomer1 recovering from the Half Marathon, it’s a slow running week.  But you know better than to think they wouldn’t come up with PLENTY to talk about right?  It’s what you’d expect:  a weird mix of Oscar Chat, food tangents, weight updates, recovery observations, and new Spring [...]

Season 2 : Episode 22 – A Little Bit of Normalcy (or: Move That Bus take three)

Who thinks it’s a good idea for Gomer2 to take his meds right before recording, raise your hands.  You might want to listen to this episode before you decide.  The Gomers are back, baby, and doing their best to bring a little bit of normalcy back to the GomerNation.  So expect a lot of the [...]

Season 2 : Gomer Rewind 3 – Plus Post-accident and Half Marathon Reports!

Gomer2 is still mostly bed-ridden in the aftermath of the big car accident, so the guys thought this would be the perfect time for their third Gomer Rewind.  Join the guys as they take a look back at one of their favorite episodes from the first season, the one recorded one day before their first [...]

Season 2 : Episode 21 – One Gomer Gets Hit By A Smart Car

The title explains it all, right? This past week Steven got hit by a car while on a run in the fair city of Denver, and he is able to sit up long enough to record a shorter episode so the Gomernation knows the details. And, more importantly, so they know he’s alright. The good [...]

Season 2 : Episode 20 – Celebs

In a miraculous turn of events, BOTH Gomers had a good week this week, and they can’t wait to talk about it.  Join them as they discuss being in control of their runs, who shouldn’t win the Oscar for best picture, eating while traveling, and the effect of weight-loss on cold temperature tolerance.  And oh [...]

Season 2 : Episode 19 – Gomer Regrets

Humble pie, anyone?  The Gomers have a big slice they’d be willing to share.  The good news is, most of the Gomernation has forgiven the guys for their insensitivity last week, and after an initial apology from their future selves, they’re ready to move on.  Both of them ran a staggering 16 miles in a [...]

Season 2 : Episode 18 – Recover, Exclamation Point

It was a lighter week for the Gomers, and they have a lot to say about it – most of it good.  With the marathon coming up fast, it’s a nice thing to have a good week once in a while!  And since they had a little time to breathe, the guys used the time [...]

Season 2 : Episode 17 – Good Run, Bad Run

“You’re only one run away from a good run.”  That’s Gomer1′s theory, and Gomer2 hopes it’s true, because it was brutal for him this week.  But it makes for good podcast material, right?  Join the guys as they process what it means when one of them has a good week and the other, well, DOESN’T. [...]

Season 2 : Episode 16 – Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Cold Pizza

It’s the one-year anniversary of the Gomers’ Half Marathon, and they celebrate by – how else? – running 13 miles without stopping. It was the longest run in a year for both of them, and you’ll have to tune in to hear how it went.  SPOILER ALERT:  It went surprisingly well. Also, don’t miss the [...]

Season 2 : Episode 15 – The Post-Holiday Report

It’s a new year, and the Gomers are trying to get back into the swing of things after a long holiday season – with mixed results.  Join them as they talk about their annual training run together, getting back on the bandwagon after travel and Christmas, and running in the single digits, through exotic cities, [...]

Season 2 : Two Gomers Special 2 – Two Gomers Get Resolute

It’s the second Two Gomers Special: Two Gomers Get Resolute!  The guys are visited by three ghosts: Past, Present, and Future…well, not really, but they talk about those things in relation to their running journey. Plus, we FINALLY discuss the controversial “Plodders” article from the New York Times…and Steven gets a little heated about it. [...]

Season 2 : Gomer Rewind 2 – Somewhere in our Memories

Here’s one more taste of Christmas before you put that tree away – the second Gomer Rewind!  This one is holiday-themed, as the Gomers take a look back at their favorite moments from last year’s Christmas episodes.  It’s everything you’d expect – bemoaning snow-runs, waxing nostalgic, and trying not to eat like complete idiots.  Plus [...]

Season 2 : Two Gomers Do the Cinnamon Challenge

The Gomers have been talking about it for a year, and here it is, the very special Christmas download:  The Cinnamon Challenge! Enjoy the ridiculousness, Merry Christmas, and Happy Running!

Season 2 : Episode 14 – Two Gomers Gomering, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Here it is, the final of three in this year’s series of Christmas episodes.  It’s sad, but the Gomers press on, packing in every tiny Christmas-related tidbit they can in between updating the Gomernation on how the marathon-training is going.  Which is, incidentally, pretty well. Join the Gomers as they relate tales of running both [...]

Season 2 : Episode 13 – Dashing through the snow (or not)

The Gomers are really getting into the Christmas spirit now, with more discussions about food, music, and movies both classic (White Christmas) and kind of a stretch (The Godfather).  Oh, and they ran last week, too.  Kind of.  Winter has decended upon gomer2, and gomer1 does his best to keep him motivated, even though all [...]

Season 2 : Episode 12 – Run Run Rudolph

It’s the first of three Christmas Episodes, and the Gomers couldn’t be more excited. But they’ve also got a lot of catching up to do – both ran Turkey Trots over Thanksgiving, and Anthony ran ANOTHER race after that. That’s right, three races total in one week. All in the name of being able to [...]

Season 2 : Two Gomers Special 1 – Two Gomers Get Thankful

Here it is, the first Two Gomers Special: Two Gomers Get Thankful!  Join the guys as they take a look at their Gomer journey so far and pick the top three things they’re thankful for.  Plus, so much more – insane fundraising stories, dramatic readings from the feared and fabled Third Gomer, and demonstrations on [...]

Season 2 : Gomer Rewind 1 – Where It All Began

This week Future Anthony and Future Steven take a look back at when it all began, Episode 1 of Season 1.  But it’s not just a rehash of the same old stuff – The Gomers step in between each section and give behind-the-scenes insight, editor’s commentary, and random thoughts you won’t find anywhere else.  Unless [...]

Season 2 : Episode 11 – Love eht (or: Don’t be so solfege!)

What do Liz Lemon, Shannon from Lost, Miley Cyrus, all 18 Duggars, and Anthony’s landscaper have in common?  You guessed it, they’re all on this week’s episode – and they all showed up to hear the guys announce their next big project, The Two Gomers Specials.  Actually, the landscaper was the only one actually there, [...]

Season 2 : Episode 10 – The Re-reveal

Ok, this time it’s final.  The Gomers have decided on a new marathon, AGAIN, and it’s a good one.  Join them as they spend the next 20 weeks praying that the thing doesn’t get cancelled.  But hey, if it does, that means more episodes, right?  Maybe this is the podcast that will never end… And [...]

Season 2 : Episode 9 – Jumping the Gun

It’s like when Anthony started that one race five minutes late, only the opposite.  Seems like the Gomers spoke too soon on their marathon choice, and recorded two entire podcasts before they realized it.  Sounds like a job for Future Anthony!  And with the first appearance of Future Steven, they do their best to remedy [...]

Season 2 : Episode 8 – The Reveal

Time’s up, and that means the Gomers have a decision to make.  After four weeks of discussing, running, doubting, and shingling, what will they decide to do about the big marathon?  The suspense is killing you, right?  You’ll have to check out the Runner’s Corner for the big reveal! Plus another food-related Listener Feedback, our [...]

Season 2 : Episode 7 – True Gomer Confessions

After three weeks, Steven is back on his feet, and just about everything has changed.  When will Gomer2 be able to run again without almost fainting?  And how does this affect their plans for the marathon?  With only one week left before their second DTR/Re-evaulation, the Gomers are getting a little worried. But not too [...]

Season 2 : Episode 6 – The Fast Food Fast

One Gomer runs while the other one continues to recover, slowly but surely, this week.  Join them as they continue to hash out what this set-back means, and what people are saying about it…including their moms.  Also, a challenge from Anthony in the Eat and Run section…and a debate concerning Chipotle that everyone’s in on, [...]

Season 2 : Episode 5 – Shingle Me This

This week is all about injury and sickness – so it should be a fun one!  Listen in as the Gomers discuss sprains, sores, aches, pains, and boils. And the Gomers as cultural liaisons to Japan?  It just might happen.  Also, do we have a Biggest Loser mentality or a Survivor mentality?  Go on, take [...]

Season 2 : Episode 4 – The DTR

It’s a big one this week.  The Gomers get down to brass tacks, letting you in on a little conversation that could change everything.  Nervous? Join the club. But don’t worry, the regular sections are here, too  - Week in Review, Runner’s Corner, Songs to Run To…and Listener Feedback, where we discuss this very special, [...]

Season 2 : Episode 3 – A Tale of Two Races

Both Gomers ran races last week, and they have a lot to say on the subject…and it probably won’t surprise you that Anthony started a full 5 minutes after everyone else did at his 5k, and that Steven is still aching from his trail race, an entire week later. Oh well, they are Gomers after [...]

Season 2 : Episode 2 – Gettin’ all Tangential

Episode Two is on, and the Gomers are getting into their marathon training.  Join them as they talk about headaches vs. migraines, running at night vs. running in the day, chill songs vs. upbeat ones, burgers vs. chicken, and Danny Tanner vs. Joey Gladstone. And so much more:  Week in Review, Gomer’s Tips, Songs to [...]

Season 2 : Episode 1 – All Things New

It’s the first official episode of Season 2…and the Gomers are scared.  Join them as they  discuss the challenges of starting a new training regimen, learn how to eat and run, and reacquaint themselves with the art of podcasting. And so much more:  Listener Feedback, Week in Review, the new jingle, new section “Eat and [...]

Season 2 : Episode 0 – Season Two Preview

The Two Gomers are back in this preview episode of their all new season! Join them as they chat about how they feel about the upcoming marathon, whether or not they’re still Gomers, how often they say the word “tease,” and whether or not they’ll make it on Conan this year. Also, all the details [...]

Season Two Jingle – Auto-tunetasic

Here it is folks, auto-tuned bassoon and all.  Try not to think about Kanye while you listen to it. Come to think of it, that probably won’t be a problem.

Season One Jingle – Just To Tide You Over

Welcome to the all-new home of the Two Gomers! The Season 2 teaser is coming the last week of August, then our first Marathon episode in early September! Just to tide you over, take a listen to the jingle we debuted last season that you can’t seem to get out of your head…

Season 1 : Episode 22 – The Gomers’ First Season Finale

Season 1 : Episode 22 – The Gomers’ First Season Finale

Season 1 : Episode 21 – Half Marathon in Review

Season 1 : Episode 21 – Half Marathon in Review

Season 1 : Episode 20 – One Day AFTER the Race

Season 1 : Episode 20 – One Day AFTER the Race

Season 1 : Episode 19 – One Day to the Race

Season 1 : Episode 19 – One Day to the Race

Season 1 : Episode 18 – 1 Week to the Race

Season 1 : Episode 18 – 1 Week to the Race

Season 1 : Episode 17 – Getting Nervous

Season 1 : Episode 17 – Getting Nervous

Season 1 : Episode 16 – Gomers on Tape (audio)

Season 1 : Episode 16 – Gomers on Tape (audio)

Season 1 : Episode 16 – Gomers on Tape (video)

Season 1 : Episode 16 – Gomers on Tape (video)

Season 1 : Episode 15 – Xmas Special 3 : Macho Man Randy Savage’s Christmas Message to the Gomernation

Season 1 : Episode 15 – Xmas Special 3 : Macho Man Randy Savage’s Christmas Message to the Gomernation

Season 1 : Episode 14 – Xmas Special 2 : Gomers on Ice

Season 1 : Episode 14 – Xmas Special 2 : Gomers on Ice

Season 1 : Episode 13 – Xmas Special 1 : The Nugget Dream

Season 1 : Episode 13 – Xmas Special 1 : The Nugget Dream

Season 1 : Episode 12 – Gomer Rewind

Season 1 : Episode 12 – Gomer Rewind

Season 1 : Episode 11 – Happy (Running) Thanksgiving

Season 1 : Episode 11 – Happy (Running) Thanksgiving

Season 1 : Episode 10 – Gomer’s First Race Registration

Season 1 : Episode 10 – Gomer’s First Race Registration

Season 1 : Episode 9 – Tempo Runs and Code Browns

Season 1 : Episode 9 – Tempo Runs and Code Browns

Season 1: Episode 8 – Gomer Enemy #1: Cotton

Season 1: Episode 8 – Gomer Enemy #1: Cotton

Season 1 : Episode 7 – Our First Sponsor (ok, it’s Anthony’s Mom)

Season 1 : Episode 7 – Our First Sponsor (ok, it’s Anthony’s Mom)

Season 1 : Episode 6 – Visions of Weird Al

Season 1 : Episode 6 – Visions of Weird Al

Season 1 : Episode 5 – The Rhythm of Running

Season 1 : Episode 5 – The Rhythm of Running

Season 1 : Episode 4 – Empire State of Bloody Nipples

Season 1 : Episode 4 – Empire State of Bloody Nipples

Season 1 : Episode 3 – Shin Splints and Fall TV

Season 1 : Episode 3 – Shin Splints and Fall TV

Season 1 : Episode 2 – This is Gonna Be Hard

Season 1 : Episode 2 – This is Gonna Be Hard

Season 1 : Episode 1 – Feedback from a Rockstar

Season 1 : Episode 1 – Feedback from a Rockstar

Season 1 : Episode 0 – The Pilot

Season 1 : Episode 0 – The Pilot