2018 Christmas Special 2: ‘Tis the Season to Have Epiphanies

In this, the second Christmas Special of 2018, Anthony brings us through his year in running in review, the guys discuss listeners’ wishlists, and Steven reveals his true thoughts on Love, Actually.

Don’t forget, the guys are trying to raise a bit of money to pay for the server space – if you donate before the end of the year, Steven will send you his family’s Christmas card with a handwritten thank you!

Happy Listening, Happy Running, and Happy Christmas!

2018 Christmas Special 1: Gomer Actually

Hey, it’s the first Two Gomer’s Christmas Special of 2018! And the guys jump right in: join them as they talk new additions to their Christmas movie must-sees, end-of-the-year running in review, and Gomer’s Favorite THIIIIIIIINGS! And also they can’t stop talking about Alan Rickman.

Don’t forget this week’s GomerSurvey: What is on your Holiday Running (or otherwise) Wishlist? Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

10th Anniversary Special Part IV: Friendsgiving

The Gomers are celebrating a decade of the podcast with a run of “Best-of” episodes, looking back at ten crazy and inspiring years of trying to living healthy and inviting a nation along for the run!

In this fourth and final episode, the guys listen back to clips (curated by the GomerNation) chronicling their friendship, which is the real reason the podcast exists. From reminiscing about when they first became friends (picture below, can you spot them?), all the way to Season 7 when the podcast (and the friendship??) almost ended.

Also, they review their Turkey Trots, Steven goes on a mini-tirade that ends with some introspection, and Anthony has an epiphany.

Special thanks to Mackenzie Weibe and her tireless work helping with these 10th Anniversary Episodes…we couldn’t have done it without you Mackenzie! Thanks also to Adam Dilling for your patience with us as you revamped our website.

We’ll be back with our Christmas Specials soon! Happy Listening, and Happy Running!