2020 One Word Special: Part II

Part II of our annual New Year tradition: One Words! We talk about how we want to approach and define our year ahead using One Word, and it all concludes here with Anthony’s word. Plus, a very special announcement about our new season in 2020! Happy Listening, and Happy Running!

2019 Christmas Special 1: Gomers’ Favorite Thiiiiiiings!

An annual tradition continues as the Two Gomers come back to their roots (and original feed) and release the 2019 Christmas Special! Gather your kin and hearken as the guys talk Christmas movies (even though they say they won’t), traditions, years gone by, and Favorite Thiiiings! Big shocker: they go long, so you can expect the second half of this special to drop in two days. Happy Christmas, and Happy Listening!

What The Gomers Have Been Up To: Jurassic Park is a Perfect Movie

Here’s a peek at what the Gomers have been doing lately – Episode One of their new podcast: Perfect Movie! Enjoy, and head over to our new podcast feed for more!

Stay tuned for exclusive Christmas material here on this original feed, including Gomer Gift Exchange, Gomers’ Favorite Things, and a Year End Update!