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Season 5 : Episode 14 – Race in Review (or: Bring a Bag)

The race is over and done, and the guys are on hand to do a full race in review and close up shop on the “Back to the Basics” Season 5.  Join them as they talk overhydration, deep conversations, hitting (or not hitting) the wall, misjudged start times, Parenthood (and 30 Rock and The Office), meeting new members of the Gomernation, hilariously tall half marathon walking teens, juicing, Animal Style fries, and being relieved, for once, that someone ELSE had the biggest Gomer moment of the race.

‘ The guy taking this picture of us and Jules was SO ANNOYED.

And they do it all in one tight 90 minute package.  So enjoy this, the final (and super-sized) episode of Season 5.  Thanks for everything Nation, and Happy Running!

Season 5 : Episode 13 – Race in Preview (or: The Flaccid Palm Punch)

It’s THE WEEK BEFORE THE RACE, and the Gomers are excited and nervous and expectant and freaking out and all the feelings you’re supposed to be feeling before a big race.  Some things that are helping them: A detailed race in preview, words of encouragement from the GomerNation, memories of races gone by…and oh yeah, juicing.

No, not that kind.

Wish the guys luck on Sunday the 20th as they run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix!  And don’t forget, you can still download the Two Gomers Choose Wisely and donate to help the podcast keep going strong.  Happy Running!

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Season 3 : Episode 13 – Race in Review (or: Marathons are super fricking hard)

Download the Special here!

The Gomers’ Sub-Five Strive at the Minneapolis Marathon has come and gone, and well…they strived!  Join the guys as they begin to process the day of the race, what happened when, why and with whom.  It was a roller coaster of a day, and the Gomers attempt to recreate it in a way that’s honest yet hopeful – a week out, that almost seems possible!  Listen also as they remember their meetings with the Gomernation fondly, and sheepishly try to recall the name of the Gomer Flight Attendant, with no success.

Flight Attendant
Help! We forgot your name! Can anyone help us out?!

This Episode is fully devoted to the Race in Review, and coming next week is the Runner’s Corner with thoughts concerning how they feel after the fact, then SWR2 (Songs We Ran To), and Gomers in Preview…where they begin to attack the “What’s Next” question.  Hope you enjoy, and Happy Running!

Season 3 : Minisode 2 – Gomernation Races in Review

In this not-so-mini-Minisode, there’s four things the Gomers want to tell you about:

1.  Anthony’s concerto.

2.  Their love/hate for the new Harry Potter movie.

Spend some more time in that tent, why dontcha?

3.  Some stories from the Gomer Thanksgiving Challenge.

4.  The new jingle.

Enjoy, and Happy Running!

Oh, p.s.  If you want to read Steven’s scathing, spoiler-ridden review of HP7 (the book) that he blogged 3 1/2 years ago, you can find it here. Sorry about the lack of pictures, the internet disintegrates over time, apparently.  Happy blogging!

Season 2 : Episode 35 – Race in Review

At long last, the Gomers end their radio silence and debrief the marathon in this Super-Sized Part I (of, as it turns out, III!) of the TGRAM season finale.  Spaghetti dinners!  Gomer gift exhanges!  Adrenaline rushes!  Embarrassingly loud nipple-chafing conversations!  Wall hittings!  Underwear-filled Port-O-Johns!  Triumphant finishes!  Exclamation points.  It’s all here folks!

Quad P in action.
Quad P in action.

Plus a final Gomer’s Tips, Listener Feedback, the beloved Theme Song, and the winners of the ten Fast Draw Bottles from Ultimate Direction are announced.

Join us next week for Part II (Tuesday) and Part III (Thursday) when we talk more broadly about the race, our journey and (gasp!) what’s next for the Gomers.  Happy Running!