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Season 2 : Episode 35 – Race in Review

At long last, the Gomers end their radio silence and debrief the marathon in this Super-Sized Part I (of, as it turns out, III!) of the TGRAM season finale.  Spaghetti dinners!  Gomer gift exhanges!  Adrenaline rushes!  Embarrassingly loud nipple-chafing conversations!  Wall hittings!  Underwear-filled Port-O-Johns!  Triumphant finishes!  Exclamation points.  It’s all here folks!

Quad P in action.
Quad P in action.

Plus a final Gomer’s Tips, Listener Feedback, the beloved Theme Song, and the winners of the ten Fast Draw Bottles from Ultimate Direction are announced.

Join us next week for Part II (Tuesday) and Part III (Thursday) when we talk more broadly about the race, our journey and (gasp!) what’s next for the Gomers.  Happy Running!


  1. Bill
    Bill June 16, 2010

    Great review, guys. I have a couple of comments on one theme. When I did my marathon, I found it to be an intensely emotional experience. By mile eighteen, both my partner and I had cried. I remember the feeling–I felt kind of drunk the whole way. I was emotional because I was “under the influence” of the marathon–all the training and commitment came to a head. Add in that I was getting increasingly exhausted and you get a highly emotional person. I’m not surprised that you cried, Anthony.

    My second comment is that you guys brought that feeling back with your great storytelling. I didn’t feel it as intensely (which is probably a good thing), but you guys brought back memories of when “I did it.” Thanks. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. Aaron
    Aaron June 18, 2010

    Second that on crying. At mile 22 of my first (and only) marathon, I became intensely emotional, exactly like a really happy drunk. I saw all these people running around me and was so proud of them and happy we were all doing this huge thing together. It actually helped me get through the soreness and stress heaped on my body over the previous 21 miles and get through to 25-26. Great job, and I hope we meet on a race course someday!

  3. Annette Friesen
    Annette Friesen June 18, 2010

    Thanks for the podcast! It got me through this mornings long run. And thank you for the reminder to be faithful to the pledge. Just want you to know I took care of that today.

  4. Joy Larson
    Joy Larson July 13, 2010

    You guys are a riot. It was great running with you. Great getting to know you just a bit as it was a relatively brief encounter in the grand scheme of things. But when you run with someone you instantly become kindred spirits. Hope you lose those dress sizes as you continue your sessions with Jillian. Will we see you next spring in Fargo? signed, the Pocket Lady

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