Season 3 : Minisode 10 – Gomer Training Academy April 25th, 2011

With a new miniGomer (or Fun-Sized Gomer) on the way, the dudes conduct their very first interview in this, the 10th Minisode of the Sub-Five Strive.  Angie from the Marathon Training Academy Podcast joins Steven and Anthony (and Erin!) to talk all things pregnant and running –  late night cravings, morning sickness, proper pacing, and sympathy weight-gain.


Don’t forget that it’s our first special next week, Two Gomers’ Rules of Thumb!  If you donate for the episode, you can claim a Gomer Number.  Wowzerz!  Happy Running!


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  1. Hi Dudes…just ran my marathon yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration along they way! WooHoooo!!!!

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