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Season 3 : Episode 10, Part 2 – Big, The Sequel

Now that you know Anthony’s big news, Part II of Episode 10 brings you some big news from Steven – it has to do with something he doesn’t wear that most people do.  Ok, it’s not as big as Part I, but he gave it a shot.

The only undergarment Kramer will endorse.

Part 2 is all about True or Faux, two (or five) new Easter-themed Songs to Run To, and the Week in Preview, with some fun info on what’s coming up on the podcast over the next several weeks.  Enjoy, and Happy Running!


  1. Laura S.
    Laura S. April 23, 2011

    I waited until Saturday to be super-spoiler safe. Congratulations on the news of the Gomer-Bambino (or Bambina!) Kids open up your life to a whole new world that is incredible and awesome. I am running a marathon in 8 days because my daughter wasn’t born yet when I ran NYC in ’95. I want her to be a part of it. So…your marathon in June won’t likely be your last!!! Best of luck, and Happy Easter!!!

  2. CLK
    CLK April 25, 2011

    I have a folder on my desktop with the title “Gomer Tips”. It includes a list of what NOT to forget to pack for a run – like safety pins, tissues, etc. I will check it once and check it twice before traveling to Cincinnati for the Flying Pig 1/2 on May 1st.

  3. Mary
    Mary April 26, 2011

    CLK good luck this weekend in cincy. I live in cincy and will be cheering people on at the marathon 11 mile mark in hyde park square. I was listening to the gomers while running the other day and started laughing out loud……and i was running past people. They might think i’m a bit off my rocker, but I was having fun.

  4. Chris
    Chris April 27, 2011

    No underwear?!?! TMI, but what about zippers?? Ouch!!!

  5. Ashley
    Ashley May 1, 2011

    #1: Congrats to Anthony and Erin – so exciting!
    #2: I finally had to ask about/mention this because a)there has been a lot of sock chat lately and b) the no-underwear true gomer confession was discussed. Am I the only runner out there who doesn’t wear socks running? Long distances too – I have done a few halfs with nothing between my feet and my Sauconys. Basically, I got sick of trying to find matching socks, so I stopped wearing them. That may be gross, but I Lysol the heck out of my shoes after every run.

    Maybe I have crazy feet that are impervious to running blisters, but since one of your true-or-faux’s basically said that socks were super inportant, I have to respectfully disagree. We’ll see how I feel when we get to marathon distance, but for now I am so happy I don’t have to look for my running socks anymore!

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