Season 4.5 : Episode 4 – Plantar Fasciitis, Avengers, and Gomer Group Run June 25th, 2012

(or: Gomer 1 had no idea who the Hulk was)


It’s a good one, folks:  Injuries! Cooking Shows!  Daytime Anchor feuds!  First Father’s Days!  Somewhat spoiler-free blockbuster reviews!  Final Gomer Run Preparations!  And the Gomer Movie Ratings System explained.  That should last you for another long run, huh?


Take a tip from the Gomers: Run.

Hope you like it!  Oh, and don’t forget about the upcoming Gomer Group Run on June 30 in Madison, WI.  For more details and to let the Gomers know you’re coming, click here.  Happy Running!


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