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Season 4.5 : Episode 3 – The Bumper Sticker Debate

What, two episodes in two weeks?  That’s what happens when the guys haven’t recorded for a while – they have a hard time stopping!  In this episode, they bring back a couple long-dormant segments:  Songs to Run to and Eat and Run.  They also make an interesting discovery while digging deep into some Listener Feedback, share some college memories, and discuss which is worse – a room full of bassoons or a room full of trumpets.  Oh, and then there’s the 26.2 Bumper Sticker Debate of 2012.

To stick or not to stick?

Join us next week for our mini-special, Summer TV and Movie Chat.  And don’t forget the upcoming Gomer Group Run in Madison, click here for more info!

Happy Running!

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