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Season 4.5 : Episode 5 – The Run in Review and The Cliffhanger

The 3rd Annual Gomer Group Run was a big success, and the guys break it down in this latest episode in their off-season.  New friends, old friends, the kids’s run, and the negative impacts of a bike on Anthony’s body – it’s all here!

Always an amazing time with the GomerNation!

Also, the Gomers hash out what they are feeling about the last year or so in their (running) lives, and leave us on a bit of a Cliffhanger, but ever story needs some tension right?  Make sure you check on FB and Twitter for more updates, Nation!  Happy Running!

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  1. Mary Lee
    Mary Lee July 19, 2012

    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to send a quick thank you to both of you. You guys have been a great addition to my long run playlist, and lets be honest, my everyday playlist too. I appreciate the open and honest conversation about life and running, and I totally support taking time to experience and adjust to new changes in life. Thanks again guys.

    -Mary Lee, Gomer #23
    p.s. I love TV chat. I’m a nerd first and a runner second 🙂

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