Season 6: Episode 3 – What the Doctor Ordered

Anthony has some news in this, the third episode of Two Gomers Race a Triathlon.  It wouldn’t be a season of the Gomers without one of them “having some news,” would it?  Also:

Steven runs to work.  It’s snowing in Arizona, but not in Florida…but it is cooler there.  There is a sneakier way to shower.  The women’s locker room is just as gross as the men’s.  Brick workouts do not involve bricks.  It’s possible to not eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  And the Gomers got a cool present from a listener.

Thanks Holly!

Monday Survey:  What’s on your (running, biking and swimming) Holiday wish list?  Let us know so we can put it on ours’, too!

Season 6 : Episode 2 – Naked Dudes On My Left, Naked Dudes On My Right

It’s Steven’s turn to brave the gym and the pool, in this, the second episode of Two Gomers Race a Triathlon!  Here’s what you’ll hear in Episode 2:

There are easy ways to tell the Gomers apart.  Steven has a thing against gyms and needs to get over himself.  Anthony has done more multi-event training.  The guys don’t know how to breathe, or when.  Are women’s locker rooms as open as men’s?  25 yards is nothing like 25 feet.  What the heck is a brick workout?  Blockbuster Video smells like Subway, and Subway smells like BO, and Pizza Hut smells like memories.

Plus, the return of S2R2s, and Listener Feedback impressions!

There he is.

Monday Survey:  Are you doing a Turkey Trot?  Tell us about it!  We want to know!!!!  Happy Running.

Season 6 : Episode 1 – A Before in a Sea of Afters

The wait is over – the Two Gomers are back for Season 6 – Two Gomers Race a Triathlon!  Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

The guys (re)introduce themselves, talk about how to tell G1 from G2, and give a little GomerHistory.  Anthony gives the details on his very first swim at the gym.  It is hard to be naked.  Luggage is a good way to carry around your swim trunks.  Swim trunks may not be the best thing to wear while training for a triathlon.  It is hard to breathe.  Goggles rule, but Gomers are SLOW.

These are the goggles we’re supposed to wear, right?

And finally, the Gomers answer the question “What distance triathlon will they race?”

It’s gonna be a great season, Nation, we can’t wait to go on the journey with you!  Monday Survey for this week:  What are you looking forward to about Two Gomers Race a Triathlon?  We want to know (so we make sure we do them)!  Happy Running!