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2018 Christmas Special 2: ‘Tis the Season to Have Epiphanies

In this, the second Christmas Special of 2018, Anthony brings us through his year in running in review, the guys discuss listeners’ wishlists, and Steven reveals his true thoughts on Love, Actually.

Don’t forget, the guys are trying to raise a bit of money to pay for the server space – if you donate before the end of the year, Steven will send you his family’s Christmas card with a handwritten thank you!

Happy Listening, Happy Running, and Happy Christmas!

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  1. Darren VanLeuven
    Darren VanLeuven December 23, 2018

    This episode reminds me more than most why I love the Gomers. There was 30 minutes or so of discussion of movies I haven’t seen in years, if at all, which was fine, but then came the really good stuff. Maybe it spoke to me only because of where I am in life. I started running about the same time as the Gomers and I have had to figure out goals and how I was going to fit running in with my competing priorities. I think I have learned to accept where I realistically am and to appreciate the very small incremental improvements that comes with consistency and the joy that comes through running. The early seasons were fun because they focused on short term goals of individual races, but the real benefit for me now is building the systems and processes to build a healthy lifestyle long-term. I listen to several other running podcasts, but the Gomers are my favorite. The others help me technically with running, but the Gomers help me think about why I am running, not for certain race times or distances, but for the health effects, how it makes me feel, and how it improves the more important parts of my life. Anthony was very hard on himself because of a stretch performance goal, but the question I would ask is if the running he did do this year helped him professionally or as a husband and father, or even Spiritually. I helps me in all those areas and for me that is more than enough.

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