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Month: December 2013

Season 6: Episode 6 – Christmas 2013 Special 3 (or: Gomers Favorite THIII-iiiiiiiiings!)

Awww, it’s the last Gomer Christmas Special or 2013! Don’t be sad, it’s a fun one! The guys spend most of their time in the Gomer’s Favorite Things section, and the favorite things end up being eerilly similar. Also, stick around past the close for a special gift – the…

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Season 6: Episode 5 – Christmas 2013 Special 2 (or: Oh God No Dohn Shooot)

Jingle Gomers, Jingle Gomers, Gomers all the way!  That’s a new Christmas classic and don’t you forget it! In this, the second Christmas Special of 2013, the guys are full of cheer and wanting to share it with the world.  Anthony discovers something very strange about the bells during cross-country…

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Season 6: Episode 4 – Christmas 2013 Special 1 (or: The Friggin Tshirt Revelation)

It’s that special time of year – when you get to stuff your ears with Gomer cheer!  The first 2013 Christmas episode is here! Steven does his first brick workout and his butt hurts.  Anthony shares some reflections of his past life as he remembers his Grandma.  We bet you…

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