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10th Anniversary Special Part II: The Marathons and Anthony Becomes a Dad

The Gomers are celebrating a decade of the podcast with a run of “Best-of” episodes, looking back at ten crazy and inspiring years of trying to living healthy and inviting a nation along for the run!

In this second episode, the guys listen back to clips (curated by the GomerNation) from the two Marathons they ran together.

And as a bonus, they listen to clips about a major pivot point in the podcast: when Anthony became a dad!

Special thanks to Mackenzie Weibe and her tireless work helping with these 10th Anniversary Episodes…we couldn’t have done it without you Mackenzie! Thanks also to Adam Dilling for your patience with us as you revamped our website.  And thank you to Seth Mathers for helping us gather Gomers’ Tips for that section of website!

We’ll be back with Part III: Always Something New: The Triathlon, in a couple weeks. Happy Listening, Happy Running!

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  1. Darren VanLeuven
    Darren VanLeuven October 26, 2018

    Loved the episode. I cried again during the Lilly segments. I have been thinking about the “were we failures” question. Definitely failed to make the short-term goal of running a sub-5 marathon on a certain date and failed to set contingency goals for things like hot weather. However, you gained experience, gained fitness, and learned the many lessons needed for Steven to later meet the goal. A sub-5 marathon is hard, you even said that at the first of the season and you noted many of the things that you would need to do and learn, but there were some things missing and/or you did not accomplish all the things you knew you needed to do. Life is all about setting goals, learning from striving for those goals, and moving on to the next thing. Lesson learned.

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