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Zero Out Your Inbox

The new Two Gomers Podcast is in full swing, and we start with something practical: bringing some order from chaos by way of cleaning up an unruly email inbox, and keeping it that way. Think that’s not deep enough? You don’t know the Gomers! Plus, Baby Steps of the Week, What’s Giving Us Life This Week, and long, slow breaths in to the mic.

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  1. Darren VanLeuven
    Darren VanLeuven May 12, 2023

    Great episode.

    Additional things that help me:
    Sort by sender, some senders are all spam and can be deleted.

    I mark as spam instead of unsubscribe from things I did not subscribe.

    Quickly review and empty spam folder weekly.

    The only thing I leave in my inbox is things I need to address now, the rest archived or deleted.

  2. Cindi
    Cindi June 5, 2023

    Fellow Zero In-boxer here! I’ve been doing it for years. My place of work uses MS Outlook and you can use feature called clutter where it automatically moves emails that are likely spam, marketing, general info, etc. This makes it easier to quickly process (delete) those emails. You can also set up rules to automatically file certain emails and even auto-respond to meeting invitations. I have a friend who auto-files any email that has her in the cc: field so they don’t even hit her inbox. My personal emails are gmail and (yes) yahoo. I pay for Yahoo plus so all my personal emails are in one place and it’s ad-free and has some other features I appreciate.

    Anyway – as an INTJ I love the empty box feeling.

    I’ve recently adopted the Getting Things Done approach and it’s also a helpful guide to managing work. Highly recommend!

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