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Season 8: Episode 1 – #Sub5by40

The boys are back! Can we still call them boys, if they are nearing 40? Probably not. Regardless, the Gomers are here for their eighth and final (?) season, and spend most of this pilot episode laying out their new challenge, how this season is different than others, and some of their hopes and fears concerning their upcoming marathons(!).

Plus, all the tangential fun you’ve grown to love/tolerate! Hot takes on disaster movies, Ski-lift make-out sessions, Memes, and whether or not we’ve seen Total Recall (or just REMEMBER that we’ve seen it).

And the long awaited, completely ill-informed recording of the guys watching last month’s The Last Jedi Trailer starring Chewie’s CGI eyes and some foxes from Narnia! And porgs.

So fun to be back! Happy running!


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  1. Sara
    Sara November 27, 2017

    I got a shout out! So happy! Welcome back! I ran and shared with my family even though they think I am crazy! Looking forward to listening while the events are unfolding since I only found you this year. Please sell t-shirts so I can get one!

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