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Season 7: Episode 7 – New Year OneWords

The Gomers are back to conclude their Holiday episodes before taking a brief winter hiatus.  This may be their most personal episode yet, as they not only reveal their One Word Resolutions, but dig deep into their current lives and situations.  Sound fun?  It was for them!  Plus, what they got for Christmas, The GomerNation’s OneWords, Anthony’s first Instagram selfie, and just a bit of Rey theorizing.

Happy New Year, and see you in February!


  1. Heather
    Heather February 29, 2016

    Well, I have been catching up on listening lately and wanted to let you two know that you guys have helped inspire me to finally get back out there! I have been on my treadmill twice in the last week (at 5:30 am…which is a miracle in itself as I am NOT a morning person.) I haven’t run in several months, so this is great! I have been listening to your one words for 2016 and Anthony, my word is similar to yours. I’ve decided to make my word TODAY. I want to get a more dependable prayer/devotional life, so for the last week I’ve thought “Read a devotion and a few scriptures…today.” “Talk to God about a few things…Today.” Go run…today. Do these few chores…today. Don’t worry about tomorrow, just worry about today. I can’t tell you the peace it has brought to my chaotic life. I give God a lot of credit for that, but I also wanted to give you guys a shout out because this particular podcast helped me focus even more so what I want my life to be like. Thanks!

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