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Season 7: Episode 16 – Conquer the Capital Race In Review: 10k

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After 2 weeks of travel and craziness, the guys finally got an hour to sit down and talk through the first part of their big race, the Conquer the Capital!  In this, the first part of the season finale episodes, they guys talk about the kids race, the GomerNation meet-up, and the 10k.  Also the memory lane, torrential rain, trying to sleep between races, and Jalepeno Cheese bread.

Happy Listening, and Happy Running!

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  1. Caleb
    Caleb June 23, 2016

    Hey Gomers! I’ve been listening to the podcast from the beginning (currently about halfway through your marathon training) while I’m at work, or on my long runs. People think I’m a lunatic because I just sit here and laugh all day long. Your Rachael Ray impression just made me laugh so hard that coffee came out my nose. You guys reminded me very much of myself when I first started running, and I’m glad I get to follow along while I train for my first marathon (NY!). Keep up the good work, and happy running!

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