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Season 5 : Episode 9 – Christmastime is Near (or: I Quit Oh No Wait I Don’t)

It’s the Gomers’ second Christmas special of 2012, and they are in a festive mood…well, unless they’re talking about rough weeks and rough runs and totally wanting to quit and stuff.  Otherwise, join them as they talk happily about Holiday Wish Lists, band-geek near-death experiences, Christmas movie plotholes, lights on their knuckles, cheese-drenched al dente cauliflower, and not talking about Home Alone.

No, not yet. Still have a LONG way to go.

This week’s Monday Survey – What’s on your NON-RUNNING wish list this holiday season?  And don’t forget that the Gomers’ annual fund-raising special is coming up right after Christmas.  Two Gomers: Parenthood – Choose Wisely.  Get ready, it’s gonna be awesome!

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