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Season 5 : Episode 11 – Two Gomers: The Unexpected Journey

It’s what wouldn’t fit in the final Christmas Special, and that might be a good thing…as this review of The Hobbit is bursting with spoilers.  Just like that think on the Goblin King’s neck would burst if you poked it too hard with a stick.

At least this image isn’t in 48 fps.

Enjoy the little episode, let us know what you thought of the movie, we want to hear your take!  Happy Running!

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  1. Linda @ Lemons
    Linda @ Lemons December 25, 2012

    I just discovered you guys last week and I started listening to season 1, and now this latest podcast. Wow, you have come so far! In season 1 you ran in khaki shorts and didn’t even know how far a 10K was in miles. Now you are talking about runkeeper, garmins, and “LSR”. I can’t wait to listen to the middle seasons so I can see how you got here. BTW, I am a huge proponent of the Galloway technique, so much so that I am starting a program here in my county. I heard that you are walking at a 16 to 18 minute/mile pace in your walk breaks, and I think that is pretty slow. Maybe that is why you aren’t running as fast overall as you would like. My walk breaks are at a 15 minute pace, and my overall pace is between 10:30 and 12:30 depending on how far I am going and if I am racing. Have a great Christmas!

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