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Season 4 – The The Brad Interview

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Join Anthony in this special interview episode as he talks with The Brad (the Gomer’s unofficial coach and trainer) about his recent experience running the ING New York City Marathon.

The Brad
The Brad’s the tall one.

Happy listening, and Happy Running!

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  1. Laura
    Laura November 22, 2011

    Some great things I got from this podcast:
    *chasing a BQ can take years (I was a little ashamed that I was so far off the mark for myself this I have the future to hope for.)
    *Setting an amazing PR can include a break to stretch
    *Consistency is worth striving for
    *Never considered GPS interference by buildings!
    *Why have I lived in NY and not done half of the stuff The Brad did in a long weekend?!?

    This podcast also brought up happy memories of my NYC run in 1995.
    *The wind was gusting to 60mph that day and so the boat under the Verrazano bridge that was supposed to be shooting red white and blue water high into the air was shooting it right into the river.
    *I didn’t know about Roosevelt Island so halfway across the 59th St. bridge I was so happy to see land…and so confused to see it pass right under me and see water again.
    *I am so glad i ran it…but never again. That year there were 30,000 runners and NO TAXIS at the end. My family held me up as we walked back to Penn station. (shudder)

    THANK YOU for the fabulous gift of this podcast.

    Laura (523)

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